Browse through the gallery below to find informative video tutorials on how to operate various aspects of the New GeoWarehouse. For even more in-depth help, see your options for personalized training here.

Training Module 1:
Getting Started with GeoWarehouse: Become the Property Expert

Brush up on the basics with this quick and informative training video on how to get started with GeoWarehouse – the tool that makes you the property expert.

Training Module 2:
Search for a Property Using the Map

Discover how to conduct powerful, fast searches using the GeoWarehouse Map

  • Adjusting the Map
  • Navigation Tools (Zoom In/Out, Map Layers, Map View)
  • Street View
  • Property Details Report

Training Module 3:
Search for a Property Using the Omni Search Bar

Easily find any property in Ontario using the Omni Search Bar

  • Default Search Options
  • Changing the LRO
  • Displaying Recent Searches
  • Accessing Property Information

Training Module 4:
Targeted Search for a Condominium Property

Tips for searching for a condominium property in Ontario

  • How to search for a Condo
  • Condo Property Details Report

Training Module 5:
Search for Comparable Sales

Use the GeoWarehouse comparable sales tool to compare sales data for properties in an immediate area.

  • Radius Tool
  • Polygon Tool
  • Search Criteria
  • Reviewing Comparables

Training Module 6:
Access Property Reports

Discover how to use the following Property Reports:

  • Property Details
  • Site & Structure
  • Valuation & Sales
  • Plans & Surveys
  • Demographics



Training Module 7:
Print a Property Report

  • Using the Printer Icon
  • Using the PDF Icon
  • My Property Report
  • Client Report
  • Area Sales Information
  • Market Analytics

Training Module 8:
Print Comparable Sales

  • My Report
  • Client Report
  • Client Report Information
  • Property Report – Area Sales Information
  • Client Report – Market Analytics

Training Module 9:
GeoWarehouse Store

  • About the store
  • Access the Store
  • Store landing page
  • View Product Sample
  • Buy: Parcel Register
  • Buy: Instrument Images