The Digital Open House

Smart phones, tablets and mobile apps have been a real game changer in real estate! The internet and web brought us online listings, MLS systems, online applications to perform due diligence and investigate properties, virtual tours and more… Mobile technology however has brought us that much more capability. Selling real…

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Becoming Fraud Proof… A Monumental Task

Fraud continues to be rampant in the real estate industry. All parties to a transaction have to make their best efforts to avoid fraudulent deals. The Globe and Mail released an article from 2013 that we continue to share because it highlights some of the most common types of fraud…

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4 Pics, Same Significance

It’s that time again!!! Can you guess what common words that these pictures represent? Get the information your clients want about specific neighbourhoods. GeoWarehouse has you covered. Check out today.  

ViMO Offers Subscription Billing

  Attn: GeoWarehouse customers!!! ViMO is now available for 1 low annual subscription. Don’t know what ViMO is? It’s Teranet’s new mobile app for real estate sales professionals. Visit the ViMO site –, click ViMO and input your preliminary information and someone will get back to you from sales. It…

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