Prevent Real Estate Fraud by Drilling 3 Layers Deep

Real estate fraud is real and impacts thousands each year- this, unfortunately, is well known. Organizations from the police to regulatory bodies have made great strides in raising awareness about fraud prevention, and we too have always made this a mandate. Uncovering and investigating potential real estate fraud on a…

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Enriched Comparables Sales Report

The NEW GeoWarehouse brings a more interactive way of get insights into comparable sales for a property or a neighbourhood.

Canadian Interest Rate Watch: Where Do You Think Rates Will Go?

With a July rate announcement right around the corner the Canadian interest rate guessing game begins. It has been wildly reported that one of the things that could certainly smolder a hot real estate market would be rate hikes. 2015 was an interesting year. With talk that Canada was in…

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Who Registered the Property Lien?

You worked hard to land your deal and know you are excited to get the property sold. Now it’s due diligence time. You not only need to research the property, you also you need to look into your client. There is no better time to do so than at the…

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Property Title Search 101 – 5 Point Parcel Register Check

When a real estate lawyer performs a property title search, one of the most critical documents they rely upon is the Parcel Register*. The Parcel Register* is a document that provides significant details about a property and its financial history. Real estate lawyers are not the only professionals who have…

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