Neighbourhood Demographics and What Your Clients Want Know….

Sometimes it can be a challenge to understand a client’s entire list of needs as it relates to an area they want to live in. This can sometimes simply be chalked up to political correctness and while things like ethnicity in an area or the languages spoken may really matter…

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2016 Canadian Real Estate Market Recap – First Q

The first quarter of 2016 has closed so we thought, what better time to recap Canadian housing numbers? A good starting point is the Teranet – National Bank House Price Index™ (HPI). The Teranet National Bank House Price Index reports the rate of change of Canadian single-family home prices. We…

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NEW Reporting

Rich reporting capabilities will help you find the information that you need, in an easy to read manner and with deep analytics that you can use.  

No Property Survey? No Problem

Surveys are a critical part of the property purchasing process. While the immergence of title insurance has left some relying less on surveys – any person who buys a home really should get a copy of the survey. Why? Surveys reveal a lot. Surveys are similar to a map that…

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