Administer Real Estate Documents using Digital Signature Capability – Meet GeoWarehouse’s Sexy Sister ViMO

February 16th, 2016

geo1Everyone knows about GeoWarehouse. It has only been the top and most relied upon real estate tool in Ontario for the past 15 years. GeoWarehouse is a research tool with a marketing component, and riding that success, in 2014 Teranet wanted to look at how we could add even more value for real estate sales professionals.

This led to the creation of ViMO, GeoWarehouse’s sexy sister. Initially there was some confusion because some saw ViMO as GeoWarehouse’s mobile app – when in reality they do different things and together form the most competitive toolset on the market today. One main difference – digital signature capability.

When Ontario changed the law this past year, Teranet was ready with ViMO offering full digital signature capability and the ability to create and sign all real estate forms right in the app.

While you can use both products to research a property’s sales history, pull sales comps, estimate values, research neighbourhood sales and demographics – there are other key differences too.

Here are the differences:

More of a marketing tool with a research component:

– In ViMO you can connect to clients, colleagues and suppliers and share information
– Post and market your listings in the app
– Create market insight reports to continually add value to your clients
– Do more on the go

More of a research tool:

– GeoWarehouse offers access to things like surveys, Parcel Registers*, Instrument Images, condo certificates.
– GeoWarehouse provides the property’s financial information
– GeoWarehouse reports are often used as feature sheets in open houses.

When in the office you can use GeoWarehouse to research a new listing or to look for listings to show your clients. When on the go with your clients you can use ViMO to:

  • Look up properties
  • Message other real estate sales professionals to get appointments
  • You can stand in front of a property and using the augmented reality feature in ViMO use the camera on your iPad to pull all the data your client needs to know about that property
  • Heat maps help you and your client instantly identify hot pockets within a particular community that are worth looking at.

The introduction of ViMO simply means you can do more. Get rid of the paper, do more on the go and be more efficient. If a client wants to make an offer – no problem. You can negotiate all the paperwork on your tablet, obtain their digital signature and transmit it to the other side with a couple of taps. It really has made the entire process more efficient – saving you time and money and giving you the ability to offer better service to your clients.

We all know how valuable GeoWarehouse is, and now you can add a new set of tools to that virtual tool box with ViMO.

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*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.