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How GeoWarehouse & ViMO Complement Each Other?

By October 20, 2014No Comments

We have to preface this by saying that GeoWarehouse and ViMO are not one and the same. ViMO is not the app version of GeoWarehouse. Both offer completely different capabilities and are used different ways – however using ViMO, you can perform some of the same capabilities you do on GeoWarehouse.

Here is a fun little table to help you understand some of the differences and nuances:


These don’t fully describe all the capabilities that GeoWarehouse and ViMO offer but are somewhat of a summary. GeoWarehouse is a property search tool that supports your due diligence and ViMO is a tool to enhance your presentations and client experience while on the go. Both make you more agile and efficient. Used together GeoWarehouse and ViMO are the best toolset available on the market today for real estate sales professionals.

The beauty of mobile technology enables us to do so much more on the go. Now you have the opportunity to compliment what you have with GeoWarehouse by adding to the ViMO mobile app to your arsenal!

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