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Training: How to Generate and Access an Enhanced Sales Report

By October 27, 2014No Comments

enhanced sales report 1If you are a GeoWarehouse customer, then you know that there are different searches and reports available on GeoWarehouse that are used for different reasons. If looking for property details information like the address, legal description, sales history, etc. you can generate a Property Details Report. If you want to view comparable sales in a particular area you can generate a Neighbourhood Sales Report. If you are looking for information about who lives in a particular area and amenities you can request a Neighbourhood Demographics Report. 

So what if you need information on all of the above? The answer is the Enhanced Sales Report. This report gives you the best of all worlds. Real estate sales professionals use the Enhanced Sales Report as a tool when investigating/performing due diligence on a deal, in meetings with clients and as a valuable marketing tool in open houses. 

You can view a sample report here

Already a GeoWarehouse customer and looking for training on how to generate an Enhanced Sales Report? Watch our flashback training video:

Get everything you need, all in one place, with the Enhanced Sales Report. Visit today.