Configuring Your Account Settings in the NEW GeoWarehouse

December 29th, 2016

Step one in the process of getting started on the NEW GeoWarehouse will be to configure your account settings. To do this you will select the account icon from the menu on the top right side of the webpage. The Account Settings drop-down provides options which include My Account (where you can edit your profile and view account details), messages, access the help center, take a tour of the solution and logout.

When you select My Account, the My Account menu will appear, offering you the following selections: Profile, Downloads, Subscriptions, Billing and Payments and Account Preferences. In addition to the My Account menu on the left-hand side, you can also see a snapshot which summarizes your profile information, viewed reports and subscription information.

Profile: Maintaining a current profile – this is critical because what is in your profile will determine the customization you see in your reports. From the My Account menu you can both view your information or choose to edit it by selecting Profile.

Downloads: While you will see the Downloads section as a menu option, this is a feature that is coming soon.

Subscriptions: The Subscriptions section allows you to view the details of your subscription. In 2017 you will be able to extend your subscription automatically through this section. If you want to review your Reports history, simply click the Details button to view a complete reports history.

Billing and Payments: Here you can view both your billing method, payment history and a history of all purchases made through the GeoWarehouse Store.

Preferences: As it is critical to maintain a current profile, equally critical is configuring your account Preferences. Your account Preferences enable you to set preferences for things like Comparable Search Criteria and PDF Property Report default preferences which will expedite the completion of tasks when using the NEW GeoWarehouse.

Are you in your account and have more questions about setting up your account preferences? You can download our complete user guide here or access further resources by visiting the Resource section of the website: