Finally – A Research Tool for Ontario Appraisers

November 26th, 2012

In a Nutshell

This new multi-property search software for Ontario Appraisers combines the best data and features from the GeoWarehouse and Propertyline Multi-Property Search applications. The best of both worlds. Designed based on feedback from property valuation experts, The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search features new modules to improve data access, streamline comparable searching, and enhance data and workflow management.

Comparable Report

The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search gives you better comparable property valuation with enhanced temporal, financial, structural and spatial search criteria. You get the flexibility you need to specify any or all of the following on any search:

– Date and sale price ranges
– Property type (Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Multi-Residential, Farm)
– Property codes and descriptions (e.g. Property codes 301 to 310)
– Structural total floor area and year built ranges
– Lot sizes
– Search a radius around the subject property, draw a custom search polygon, or search entire municipalities
– Search results are presented in tabular format and as parcel layers on the map.

New Comparable Report

The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search offers a new workflow tool that allows you to group all relevant comparables in a single report for quick side-by-side review. Bulk add comparables from your Comparable Search. Easily add additional comparables through multiple search methods, including map-based selection.

Title & Assessment Data

The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search now combines key title and assessment attributes in multiple areas of the application. Teranet and MPAC are improving the relationship between ownership and assessment parcels with an updated PIN-ARN index.

Licensing Options

GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search licensing options consist of two application versions, Residential and ICI*.

The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search – Ownership Information (applies to both Residential and ICI versions)

– Owner name
– Legal description
– Property area
– Sales history (sales dates and sales amounts from title automation date)

The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search – Residential Assessment Information

– Property Type
– Property Code and Description
– 2008 Destination Value CVA
– Current year Phased-in CVA
– Frontage
– Depth
– Year Built

The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search – ICI Assessment Information(ICI version includes Residential Assessment Information)

– Corporate name
– Corporate mailing address
– Total land value
– Zoning
– Number of storeys
– Number of units
– Gross floor and lease area
– Building area
– Interior office finish


Purchase standard Propertyline reports through GeoWarehouse. Coming Soon: The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search will offer discounts on bulk purchases of Total Floor Area reports through AIC-ON** under a Group Enrollment Program.

AIC-ON Group Enrollment Program

AIC-ON has worked with Teranet and MPAC to secure discounted pricing on GeoWarehouse MPS licenses for its members, subject to minimum participation criteria. The Group Enrollment Program administered by AIC-ON helps ease the transition for any members who may be using GeoWarehouse under Real Estate Board sublicense agreements to the new feature-rich GeoWarehouse MPS licenses.

The retail pricing for the existing GeoWarehouse and Propertyline MPS applications are as follows:

– GeoWarehouse – $3,295
– Propertyline MPS – Residential – $3,600
– Propertyline MPS – ICI – $6,000

For purposes of comparison, retail pricing for the GeoWarehouse MPS will be as follows:

– GeoWarehouse MPS – Residential – $4,600 (33% discount off of combined license fees)
– GeoWarehouse MPS – ICI – $7,500 (19% discount off of combined license fees).

Get the Facts

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