Forensic Files: Digital Property Investigation Edition — The Must-Have eBook for Law Enforcement Professionals

September 16th, 2019

Attention law enforcement professionals… Life just got easier!

All different levels of law enforcement and investigators alike can benefit from the ability to investigate a property quickly.

When performing your investigation, the smallest detail could be what leads to a breakthrough. Simply having someone’s name can enable you to search by region and discover any assets they own. Once you have located a property, you can dig deeper into its details and history.

This can be helpful in many types of investigations, including locating people, investigating fraud, narcotics charges, and more.

Tools that enable you to investigate property quickly make you more agile and help you get the information that you need sooner. Find ownership records, access bank registration documents, review imagery, and more… all in one place.

We’re showing you exactly how to do that in our new eBook, Forensic Files: Digital Property Investigation Edition.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • What tools can be used to investigate a property.
  • The key things property records reveal.
  • How to dig deeper when you find something.

And more!

This eBook is completely free to download.

If you are investigating a case where there is real estate involved or trying to locate a person, accessing property data from provincial land records is the quickest way to get the most complete information.

Download your copy today:

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