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GeoWarehouse Solution for Builders & Developers

Assess Your Market

GeoWarehouse is considered the leading market insight tool for land professionals.

We help deliver the right data to builders, developers, architects, engineers, property managers and more. Access to extensive data elements means you can research and identify ownership, see the value of the land and know what others are paying in the area. It’s the most complete and current research solution available.

GeoWarehouse helps you with property research and site selection:

  • Confirm property ownership and legal descriptions of properties of interest and search for property purchases by other companies
  • Check historical sales and encumbrances (mortgages, liens) on properties
  • See property boundaries layered over aerial images, and access registered plans
  • Optional assessment packages allow for in-depth searching by assessment criteria (property type, square footage, etc.)

“GeoWarehouse gave us access to the land-information we needed at our fingertips. Given the fast pace of market activity, we needed a tool that let us do our own research on any property in the province at any time.”