How to Perform a Search in the NEW GeoWarehouse

January 9th, 2017

So, you are likely getting your feet wet using the NEW GeoWarehouse. One of the ways the NEW GeoWarehouse makes your job that much easier is through advanced search options.

In the NEW GeoWarehouse, you can perform a search using the search bar or map. Here are some tips to help you do so with ease.

When you log into the NEW GeoWarehouse you will be on a main screen that shows a search window across the top and a map below. You can perform different functions using both the search window and the map.


First – Find and Select your LRO 

You no longer need to know your LRO! Finding an LRO has never been easier!

You can determine the LRO one of two ways:

  1. Through the map: the location will auto populate or;
  2. By typing the City/Town into the search bar and then selecting from the municipality section of the dropdown menu.

Once have determined the LRO you can change it one of three ways:

  1. You can select it using the drop-down menu to the left hand side of the search bar;
  2. By typing the municipality or LRO into the search bar and selecting the appropriate match or;
  3. By hovering over the area on the map: the LRO will auto select.

Now it’s time to perform your search

The NEW GeoWarehouse provides many different ways to perform searches. Through the search window – this is easy as 1-2-3!

Searching using the search bar – You can search by address, name, and PIN & ARN in the omni search bar by simply typing it in. Suggested matches will appear in the drop-down menu or you can search to receive all matches.

When searching for a condo, type the street address including the suite number in the search window. For example, enter the suite – street address (i.e. 201 – 228 Queens Quay West) or the street address suite (i.e. 228 Queens Quay West 103). If the address and suite is not shown in the matches, select the Condominium Building Address option or Search.

If the unit required is not shown in the search results, hover over the address for the building and select the arrow icon that points to the right. A Condo Units window will appear and you can scroll down to find the level of interest or select the downward arrow to the right of SELECT BY LEVEL. Results associated to the level selected will appear and you can scroll down to find the unit of interest. The push pin icon identifies a suite. The car icon identifies a locker or parking.

Searching using the map – You can use your mouse to move the map around and there is a full selection of map navigation options located at the top right-hand corner of the map – take a moment to familiarize yourself with these options. Once you have located your property, you can request information about a property on the map with a single click.  Simply move to the area on the map, single click the property of interest and a box will open.

Searching for a property by Lot & ConcessionYou can change the search criteria to Lot & Concession by selecting the down arrow to the right of Search All. Once selected, the omni search bar will present a Township, Concession and Lot field where you select the criteria using the down arrow. The map will reposition and outline the area of interest. Select Search to display all matches. A search results window will appear on the left side of the page.  Scroll through the results to find the property of interest.  You will notice a blue push pin for each result on the map. If a push pin is selected, it will enlarge slightly and turn a darker blue. To view more information about the property, select the downward arrow in the results window to the right of the address OR select the push pin.

In any search you perform, search results will always appear in a pane to the right of the map.

Finally, another fantastic feature of the NEW GeoWarehouse is the ability to find recent searches and recently viewed properties with ease. When you click on the search window, a drop-down window will automatically appear providing you with a list of recent searches and recently viewed properties.

Still need help? Click here to download the complete user guide for the NEW GeoWarehouse that includes print screens. You can also find a host of training options by visiting our contact our trainers page