If You Still Request Your Condo Status Certificates by Fax… Read On

April 2nd, 2018

If you’re still requesting your condo status certificates by fax, there’s a better way.

Just like technology has increased efficiency with many different things — cellphones make staying in contact with others easier, ice machines built into fridges make having a cold drink easier, you can turn your TV on with your voice only — so, too is there a more efficient way of requesting condo status certificates.

The old process for requesting condo status certificates was:

  1. A real estate sales professional or lawyer would request the condo status certificate from the condo corporation or management company in writing.
  2. At the time of the request, payment for the administrative fee had to be made.
  3. The property management company on behalf of the condo corporation may have taken up to 10 days to prepare the condo status certificate.
  4. Once ready, the condo status certificate had to be retrieved from the condo corporation or property management company.

For seasoned real estate sales professionals, you know why there is value in obtaining the condo status certificate directly, but some newer agents rely on the lawyer to do this. A condo status certificate provides essential information about the financial status of the subject condo and other intelligence, such as whether or not the previous owner was up to date paying their condo fees, if there are increases in condo fees that are about to come into effect, and if there has been a lien placed on the condo for any reason. The old process was slow, inefficient, and often caused delays. Delays that could pose challenges for making the sale.

But there is a better way! Did you know that with tools such as GeoWarehouse you can request your condo certificates online?

New real estate technology, like the tools from GeoWarehouse, can speed up processes and ease frustration. In many cases, a condo status certificate can now be requested online through GeoWarehouse. Real estate sales professionals can request the condo status certificate online, make payment online using a major credit card, receive an email notification when the condo status certificate is ready, download an electronic file containing the condo status certificate, and then email it to the solicitor who is acting for the purchaser.

The end result? A simpler, more efficient process that is not only faster, but also means less work, less frustration, and less follow up for you to do, meaning you can focus more energy on other areas of your real estate business.

Obtaining a condo status certificate online through GeoWarehouse takes the pain out of going through the motions of obtaining a condo status certificate for your clients.

For more information about how you can obtain a condo status certificate online, please visit www.geowarehouse.ca or call 866-237-5937.