Mobile Article Number Two – Mobile Apps that Help Real Estate Sales Professionals Manage Workflow and Paperwork On the Go

June 17th, 2013

A big aspect of your job as a real estate sales professional is managing paperwork. Whether you are representing a buyer or seller, if a deal is to take place there will be documents that will have to be signed, often on the go when you are not in your office. The more efficient you are at managing your time the more you will be able to produce.

Realtor Magazine released its list of the top mobile apps used by real estate sales professionals in 2012 so we decided to take this opportunity to highlight some of the ones that can help you manage workflow and paperwork on the go.

  1. INTSIG Information Co. offers an app called CamScanner/CamCard which is a free app and available on iOS and Android. This app turns your smart phone into a portable document scanner. You can scan documents and save them to PDF. This app can be used to scan documents, receipts, notes and more… When using this app to scan a business card it will automatically sync the data to your contact list on your phone and some email accounts.
  2. Dropbox is a free app that is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. Dropbox enables you to store and share your documents in the cloud. You can then access documents on your mobile computer or mobile devices. You can also share your Dropbox folders with others and collaborate on documents. The Dropbox mobile app enables you to retrieve, edit and share documents, videos, photos and other files. While Dropbox is free, there are restrictions. If you require more than 2GB of storage you will have to upgrade to a paid account.
  3. Agent Alarm – This app was created as a way to enable real estate sales professionals to be more secure when they are on the road. It provides the ability for you to keep others informed of your location, what you are doing, and how long you expect to be. It can issue an emergency alert and advise others who need to be contacted in the event of an emergency. This is not a free app.
  4. DocuSign for Mobile is an app that allows users to digitally sign, send and track documents securely from their mobile devices (currently available on iOS and Windows 7). The DocuSign app is free, however the real estate edition has a subscription fee.
  5. An alternate to Dropbox that many real estate sales professionals are using is ZipLogix’s ZipForms app. This app is available on Apple, Blackberry and Android devices. This app enables users to create documents, formats, distribute documents, edit documents and more. Users who have touchscreens can also sign documents, and all information entered into the ZipForms app can be accessed online through the user’s ZipForms account. This is not a free app.

Another app that is very popular that was not mentioned in the Realtor Magazine article is the PDF Handler app. This app is very useful for handling and managing PDF documents.

Using mobile apps and making the most of your smart phone is an excellent way to maximize all of the resources available to you. Staying competitive means being agile and ahead of the curve and using mobile apps effectively can give you an extra edge.

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