One Question that Every Prospective Seller Wants the Answer to

September 12th, 2016

image-1-smWe think it’s pretty universal; there is one question, the main question, that every single homeowner would love the answer to: what is the value of their home? The answer to this question could literally be the determining factor in the homeowners’ decision to sell or stay in their home. This is especially true in super-hot urban markets like Vancouver and Toronto, their suburbs and even beyond – many homeowners have no idea what their home is really worth.

Look at Solange Bedoya for example, the matriarch of a family that moved to Barrie from bustling Toronto a few years ago. Her family’s main reason for buying in Barrie: affordability. Even when looking at increased transportation costs, the sheer cost of a home in Toronto when compared to Barrie made the decision a no-brainer. A mere 1½ hour Go Train ride or 1-hour commute in a vehicle means that many families are deciding to move outside even the immediate GTA suburbs to areas outside the city, which is resulting in home prices being pushed up in those areas.

Solange was recently approached by a real estate agent who asked her one simple question: would you like to know what your house is worth? Of course the answer was yes. Solange was stunned to learn that, in 3 short years, her property had increased in value by over $100,000. The most interesting thing about this interaction was that prior to Solange meeting that real estate sales professional, the thought of selling her home had not even occurred to her. After this interaction, it became a matter for consideration or at least a discussion with her husband.

Being able to tell clients what their home is worth is one talent that you have that you can leverage as a powerful marketing tool to attract new business – even cold business. Solange’s story shows us that this real estate sales professional, who was going door to door talking to owners about their home values, established new relationships that could potentially lead to future clients.

When the real estate professional was leaving, Solange said she didn’t hesitate to provide her contact information to the real estate sales professional who visited her and actually felt quite grateful for the insights she gleaned from the experience.

Targeting areas to market that have seen significant appreciation in value, quickly, are easier to identify than ever before. The very same tools that you use to research properties can also be used to target areas of interest. It’s always a good idea to have a tablet so that when out on the road, if you meet a client interested in talking to you about a potential sale price of their home, you can fire up your tools, like GeoWarehouse, and quickly access and provide the information needed to lead the conversation further.

With GeoWarehouse on your side, you can make endeavors such as this easier, and can take advantage of the possibilities hot markets present. Find out more by visiting today.