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How do I obtain a Property Details Report?

  1. Locate the subject property by performing a search on the GeoWarehouse home page.
  2. Now that you have located the subject property you will click on link titled “Property Details”.
  3. The left hand pane has changed revealing more details about the subject property. If you scroll down you can review information that includes the “Land Registry information”, “Assessment information” and the “Sales History information”.
  4. To generate and print your Property Details Report click on the link titled “print”.
  5. After you click “print” link a dialog box will appear. This dialog box will enable you to filter the information that appears in your Property details report.
  6. Click the “Preview” button to review your report.


You will note that the report is customized and contains the information you have entered into your profile in “My GeoWarehouse”.

Let’s discuss some of the reports highlights:

  • The first section in the report contains the property details such as the address, PIN number and legal description.
  • The second section provides you with an aerial and house view of the subject property.
  • The third section details the MPAC Assessment including the roll number, the assessment value for the previous year, the depth, frontage and property type.
  • The fourth section details the sales history and indicates the date of sale, type of sale and sale amount.

This report is a fantastic sales tool when showing buyers a potential property and when researching a new listing.