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How do I use the message centre?

  1. Checking your inbox – When you enter the message centre you can check to see if you have any messages from GeoWarehouse by clicking on your “Inbox”. If you have a message it, click on it and it will open.
  2. Replying to a message from GeoWarehouse – If you have a message from GeoWarehouse that you would like to reply to, click on the “reply button”. After entering your message click “send reply”. We will respond to you as soon as possible.
  3. Sending a new message to GeoWarehouse – You can also write a new message to GeoWarehouse customer service by clicking the “new button”. A dialog box will appear where you can enter your message. When you are finished click “send feedback”.

Each time you log into GeoWarehouse you can quickly see if you have new messages by clicking on the envelope on the upper navigation menu.