Real Estate Sales Professional Says GeoWarehouse and ViMO Best Toolset!

April 7th, 2014

Paul MangionWe recently interviewed Paul Mangion, real estate sales professional from Axxess Realty, about what tools he uses most often when signing up a new client. While he mentioned using GeoWarehouse, MLS and even MPAC to perform various tasks relating to due diligence, one major thing was clear – the only  tool that enabled him to validate sales history information on a property and other properties, research property ownership information, search comparables, validate assessment values, generate reports and more, all in one place, was GeoWarehouse.

GeoWarehouse is a web-based, centralized property information source that provides state of the art mapping and research tools, as well as professional reports. GeoWarehouse services real estate sales professionals and other land professionals across Ontario. Using GeoWarehouse you can learn about a particular property, properties in a particular neighbourhood, property information such as ownership and sales history information, neighbourhood demographics information and more. You can also use the GeoWarehouse Store to dig deeper, accessing Parcel Registers, instrument images, Condo Status Certificates, surveys and more.

We also shared information with Paul about Teranet’s new mobile app for real estate sales professionals, ViMO is an amazing sales and marketing support tool that helps you close more business, enhancing your personal brand and enriching the face-to-face client experience. 

“Things are changing faster than ever before. Real estate sales professionals have to adapt. The idea that Teranet has introduced an app that compliments GeoWarehouse so nicely is exciting. Knowing how I rely on GeoWarehouse, adding the app capability, it seems that GeoWarehouse and ViMO will be the best toolset out there for real estate sales professionals in Ontario.” This was Paul’s opinion after looking at what he currently has with GeoWarehouse and what he stands to gain by also having the ViMO app.

Paul closed our interview by sharing with us how excited he is about changes in technology and how they will positively impact his ability to offer a better service and ultimately do more business. For more information about GeoWarehouse or ViMO visit or