The Enhanced Comparable Report: Empowering You with Comprehensive Insights

July 18th, 2023

Having access to AVM and title check data is essential to conducting your real estate business effectively and efficiently. The Enhanced Comparable Report provides you with the critical information you need, along with automatically generated comparable properties that provide insightful sales data to help you conduct your business and support your clients. 

What’s the difference between the Comparable Search feature and the Enhanced AVM Comparable Report? 

While GeoWarehouse offers the Comparable Search feature that allows you to manually search for comparable properties, the Enhanced AVM Comparable Report provides thorough property information that fully details the value of the subject property, identifies any liens or encumbrance on the property, mapping information and more. Along with this critical information, it also pulls up to 6 comparables automatically.  

To view an example of the Enhanced Comparable Report, please click  here.    

Analyze the value of any property with Teranet’s AVM 

To further support you in your business, the Property Insight Reports offer AVM and Title Check data, to allow you to properly analyze the value of any property and confirm critical property information. GeoWarehouse’s Enhanced Comparable Reports offer advanced comparative analysis tools that enable professionals to accurately compare properties and determine market value. Professionals can generate side-by-side comparisons of up to 6 properties, that are automatically generated. This feature allows you to make data-driven judgements about property value when creating a listing or negotiating a bid. 

In the current state of the market, it is important to stay competitive and ahead of the curve. GeoWarehouse provides you with the tools and resources to do that. The Enhanced Comparable Report empowers real estate professionals with streamlined data collection and resources to thoroughly conduct your business. Leveraging this tool allows you to deliver exceptional service and informed decision-making with your clients, while helping you save time and gain competitive advantage.  

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