The Real Estate Walk of Shame – When You Attend a Showing and Have No Answers

February 22nd, 2016

geo2Why does a client hire a real estate sales professional? Because they want to deal with an expert, a professional in real estate who can guide them through the purchase of a home.

Let’s be realistic – there are many different real estate sale professionals who have:

  • Different years of experience
  • Experience in different neighbourhoods
  • Experience with certain types of properties

Not everyone knows everything about every type of property in every area and quite frankly some professionals are new to the business and are still learning. However, no matter the years of experience or level of knowledge, the last thing any real estate sales professional wants is to be out at a showing and unable to answer questions.

When you show a property, the client could come out with a myriad of questions, especially if they are very interested. Not having answers will leave any client feeling like perhaps they haven’t chosen an expert.

In the past, real estate sales professionals would pull the MLS listings and a GeoWarehouse report for all the properties they planned to show, carting around a stack of paper. While looking at MLS listings and a GeoWarehouse report is still highly relevant – the time has come to explore other ways to ensure that the information is at your fingertips when your client asks.

First things first – a tablet is a must. Laptops are too bulky and smartphones are too small. Many companies like Teranet have developed mobile apps for real estate so that real estate sales professionals can do more on the go – but you want to make sure you can actually do those things efficiently so a tablet is your best bet.

Next – think about a cloud storage tool like Dropbox to store all of your documents online. Install their app on your tablet.

Now when working on deals you can load your GeoWarehouse report and MLS listings into Dropbox and when on the go use your real estate apps to pull up information about the property’s history, sales of other similar homes in the area, neighbourhood demographics and more.

Finally, when your client is ready to seal the deal, on that very tablet you can open up all the required real estate documents in your real estate app, create them and get your client to sign them electronically, later storing those documents in your Dropbox file with your other searches and documentation.

Look – as real estate sales professionals you work hard but you can’t be all things to all people. The tools and technology will really determine whether you are on your A game, or doing the real estate walk of shame.

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