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Title Report Solutions

Learn more about the land you manage!

Title reports let you create your own inventory of property-related data.

In a Nutshell

Powered by GeoWarehouse®, these reports include a subset of the information contained in the Ontario Land Registration System. They allow municipalities and utilities to function more efficiently, providing them with reliable and current data available in one detailed digital report set to their schedule.

  • Government Agencies and Utilities Can:
  • Identify land they own or have an interest in for property and asset-management
  • Obtain valuable property-related information for their service area
  • Get help with notification applications
  • Get support for applications that require property information, including tax
    assessments, easement applications, building permits and planning applications
  • Meet legislative requirements

Some of the Report Information Available:

  • Owner names
  • Other Party names
  • Municipal address
  • Legal description
  • Instrument Number of the registered document and registration date
  • Sales amount
  • Property Identification Number from POLARIS®

Get the Facts

For more information, write to or call 1 866 237 5937.