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What is GeoWarehouse?

GeoWarehouse is a web-based, centralized property information source that provides state of the art mapping and research tools, as well as professional reports. GeoWarehouse services real estate and non-real estate professionals across Ontario.

GeoWarehouse subscribers can create property detail, neighbourhood sales and demographic reports as well as access “exterior, aerial and bird’s eye view images” of properties.

Through the GeoWarehouse store, subscribers can conveniently access POLARIS Parcel Registers, instrument images, surveys, plans, MPAC Assessment reports and more. All in one central location! GeoWarehouse enhances your professional image and all reports are completely customizable. GeoWarehouse provides you with the tools that make you the expert.

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  • Future GeoWarehouse Events

    In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic declaration by the World Health Organization, Teranet has taken various precautionary measures and adjusted our operations to ensure the health and safety of our employees, vendors and clients. As a result, the GeoWarehouse team we will not be attending any industry events, taking place in the next few weeks. We are currently working with industry associations and partners to determine the new dates and will be happy to see you there.

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