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4 Key Reasons to Subscribe to GeoWarehouse

By January 5, 2024March 25th, 2024No Comments

Having access to accurate and comprehensive property and land data is essential for making informative decisions for those who work with land or property in their daily business. GeoWarehouse offers complete and authoritative property information to professionals who need to leverage it in their daily business. This would include those who fall into the following categories:  

  1. Buying & Selling – This refers to those who are in the industry of buying and selling land and property, which would include real estate professionals and real estate boards. 
  2. Assessing & Analyzing – This would refer to those who would utilize GeoWarehouse for assessing and analyzing property or land in their business. This would include developers, architects, builders, engineers and more.  
  3. Building & Developing – This includes those who are in the building industry, or real estate development, including developers, architects, builders, engineers and more. 
  4. Law & Investigation – This includes those who utilize property information for legal purposes, including law enforcement, investigators, legal professionals and more.  

For those professionals who fall within those specific categories, GeoWarehouse offers you the complete property information details you need to complete your due diligence and further grow your business. Here are four reasons why you should invest in a GeoWarehouse subscription 

1. GeoWarehouse is the single source of authoritative property data  

One of the primary reasons to subscribe to GeoWarehouse is its extensive collection of property and land data reports. The platform aggregates information from various sources, including the Land Registry Office and POLARIS (Province of Ontario Land Registration Information System). It is the true and authoritative source of property data in Ontario. With access to information such as current and historical ownership information, sales history, legal descriptions, easements, encumbrances and property boundaries, this critical tool is essential in completing your due diligence and making informed decisions. GeoWarehouse also offers insight into all property transfers, including non-MLS listings. 

2. Get access to exclusive reports to better serve you in your business 

GeoWarehouse offers a variety of comprehensive reports, which are invaluable for conducting your due diligence and making informed decisions on a property. Along with your GeoWarehouse subscription, you are equipped with key property reports including:  

  1. Basic Client Report– This report includes essential property information, including Aerial imagery and details pertaining to lot and lot size. Click here to view a sample report.  
  2. My Property Report – This customizable report includes all property information, including sales history data. Click here to view a sample report. 
  3. Client Property Report – Along with the property data, it also includes private data, such as the legal description, owners’ names and comparable sales data. Click here to view a sample report. 
  4. Comparables Report – This report provides insight into comparable properties sold in the area and allows you to perform a search by radius, custom area, sale data, price range and lot size. Click here to view a sample report. 

To further elevate your service offerings to your client, or to dive deeper into a specific property, GeoWarehouse also offers select additional analysis reports in the GeoWarehouse Store. From HoodQ’s extensive reports on neighbourhood and school catchment information, or a Parcel Register to confirm PIN information, title details, registered instruments like liens and encumbrances, to a variety of others that offer critical information that you can leverage in your business.   

Visit the GeoWarehouse Shopping Guide to learn more about what reports are offered in the GeoWarehouse Store and learn how you can leverage these in your daily business.   

3. Improve Efficiency and Productivity with GeoWarehouse 

GeoWarehouse is designed to streamline property and land information, saving you time and effort when conducting your business. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive search functionality allow you to quickly access the property and land information you need. By centralizing property data and reports into one platform, you can eliminate the need to scour multiple sources, reducing the risk or error and ensuring you have the most complete and authoritative property information.   

Along with the efficiency of using GeoWarehouse, the platform also offers a selection of essential tools that can further assist you when doing your property research. For example, we recently launched the Title Check feature which helps quickly and easily identify potential property issues. The Title Check feature covers five critical areas essential in assessing property risks such as Registered Mortgages, Liens, NOSIs (Notice of Security Interest), Condo Declarations, and Condo Plans. Another example is the interactive heat maps feature, which is an interactive tool which provides you with 3 layers of sales data (Average Sales, Growth Rate and Turnover rate). This provides you with quick and effective insight into historical sales and market information.  

4. Access to exclusive training

At GeoWarehouse, we are dedicated to empowering our subscribers. Our primary goal is to enable every user to harness the full potential of the GeoWarehouse platform, enhancing their business and property due diligence. Gain convenient access to GeoWarehouse Academy, available 24/7 for flexible learning at your own pace. Explore a wealth of content to uncover practical tips and best practices, designed to teach you how to leverage the features and functionalities of GeoWarehouse and to enhance your skills in property research and conducting your due diligence. 

GeoWarehouse Academy offers a robust training calendar, presented as a calendar or list, allowing you to plan your sessions conveniently and integrate learning seamlessly into your daily routine. With the flexibility and convenience of learning at your own pace, GeoWarehouse Academy caters to diverse learning styles through our curated how-to library like tips for success documents, instructional how-to videos, and comprehensive explanations of GeoWarehouse functionalities—all easily accessible for effective learning. GeoWarehouse Academy goes beyond personal growth; it’s about elevating your value to clients.  

Ready to invest in your education and skill development to distinguish yourself in a competitive market? Stay up to date with and subscribe to the GeoWarehouse Academy newsletter today!    

For any professional working in the land or property industry, GeoWarehouse is an essential tool that can further elevate your business and complete your due diligence for yourself and your clients. Depending on your business needs, there are various GeoWarehouse subscription packages to choose from.  If you’re interested in securing a GeoWarehouse subscription, please click hereto subscribe today!