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GeoWarehouse reports

As a GeoWarehouse subscriber, you receive exclusive access to a variety of detailed and informational reports that can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate property information.  

Whether you’re looking for specific property data, such as Land Registry information, or if you’d like a deep dive into the details of a particular address, including nearby schools, parks & rec, transit, safety, and convenience, these reports have you covered. 

The following 5 reports offer you a variety of property information that can be leveraged when working with your client to help you confidentially close a deal while building a trusting relationship:  

Parcel Register* 

A Parcel Register*  is a great tool to complete your due diligence and provides you with all the needed information regarding a property. It is the provincial ownership record and contains data regarding: 

  • The Property Identification Number (PIN) 
  • The legal description of the property 
  • The type of ownership 
  • Registration numbers for documents on title 

On any registration of interest, you are able to gain further information with an Instrument Image* and obtain a copy of the registered document within the Land Registration System of Ontario. This might include liens, mortgages, transfers, condominium declarations, and more. 

Having access to this information allows you to complete the necessary due diligence for your clients and identify any red flags on a property before the transaction process. This knowledge will allow you to work to identify the property that your clients are looking for while providing them with complete confidence in their purchase. 

Teranet Property Insights Report 

This detailed Teranet Property Insight Report, available for purchase in the GeoWarehouse Store, provides you with all the knowledge you need to know about a property. This includes a trusted valuation using Teranet’s AVM, helping support your CMA with a secondary unbiased opinion which is also used by Financial Institutions and Mortgage Professionals. This can also be used when making listing or bidding price decisions, and authoritative title check data that will alert you to potential fraud and encumbrances on title. As a real estate professional, this report can help you complete your due diligence when working with a client and provide your buyers with confidence in the property they are purchasing.  

Want to learn more about the Teranet Property Insights Report? Register for training here. 

Comparable Sales Report 

The Comparable Sales Report provides insights about comparable sales in the neighbourhood where the property is located. Available through your GeoWarehouse membership, this report can help you to identify the property value of a property, ultimately helping your clients to make an informed and accurate offer on a home. As the only authoritative single source for all real estate transactions in Ontario, GeoWarehouse’s comparable search report will include Sale by Owner, Exclusive sales, builder sales and transactions that were completed by real estate professionals of another board.  

Click here to view our our Tips for Success document.

Demographics Report 

The Demographics Report, available with your GeoWarehouse subscription, can provide the answers to your client’s questions about their neighbourhoods. This includes: 

  • Age distribution 
  • Marital status of residents
  • Structural types of housing 
  • Owned/rented properties 
  • Average household income 

HoodQ Reports 

In partnership with HoodQ, these reports provide you with access to in-depth neighbourhood information that can help determine the fit prior to the sale of a home.  

The HoodQ Reports include: 

  • Address Reports: This dynamic, web-based report is designed to give homebuyers an attractive and easy-to-digest topline view of a particular address, including designated public catchment schools.   
  • Detailed Reports: This comprehensive report takes a deep dive into the details of a particular address, including nearby schools, parks & rec, transit, safety, and convenience. This 8-to-10 page report gives all these details with a full-coloured map.  This report can also be saved, printed and shared electronically with your clients. 
  • School Reports: These reports highlight designated public catchment schools, Catholic catchment schools, private schools, and special/alternative schools in one report.   

These reports provide you with the aggregate and detailed neighbourhood information that is critical for homebuyers. Your clients will find value in knowing more about the surrounding community, schools and overall community that they are inquiring about.  

Want to learn more about the HoodQ Reports? Register for training today.  

As a real estate professional, these reports can be leveraged in your business and make you a neighbourhood expert, allowing you to continue to build loyal and honest relationships with your clients and arm them with the information they need to purchase a home with confidence.  

Did you know that there are even more detailed and informational reports available in the GeoWarehouse store? Visit the GeoWarehouse Store today and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to complete your due diligence.