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Is there an easement on your client’s property? Here’s how to check.

By March 16, 2023August 18th, 2023No Comments
Is there an easement on your client's property? Here’s how to check.

Completing your due diligence is essential in offering your clients exceptional service. GeoWarehouse can provide the property insight you need to ensure you and your client are not in for any surprises when it comes to selling or buying a property.  

An important step in completing your due diligence is checking for any potential issues with a property early on, including liens or easements.  

In partnership with Protect Your Boundaries, a leader in property and boundary expertise, GeoWarehouse offers a selection of reports that can provide you information needed to conduct your business effectively. With data direct from the land registry records, these reports, including the Buyers, Sellers and Easement Reports, will ensure that you are providing your clients with the most accurate data regarding a property. The Property Report includes an indicator to help you detect if there is an easement on the property. From there, you can invest in the remainder of the reports to further information on the easement.  

To ensure accuracy, a Protect Your Boundaries researcher conducts these property verification searches and provides you the report in plain English, so you can be sure this is not a pre-packaged document and that it is simple to understand. These reports will also include registered documents, including Parcel Register and the Easement Documents, to ensure that you are provided with all the property information required to complete your due diligence.  

Is someone else able to access or benefit from the property? 

An “Easement”, refers to the right that a third-party may have to access or use the property. For example, this could refer to an easement such as a shared driveway that is accessible by both homeowners, and an access way through a property that the public may be able to use.  

An example of this would be a Utility company, who might have an easement registered to a specific area in the backyard. This could affect your client’s ability to add a swimming pool or build a deck. 

It is important to identify these property/land concerns early on while working with a client. If the client is interested in a specific property, it is important to conduct your due diligence to ensure that there are no liens or easements on the property that could hinder the client’s desired use of that property as a result of not being informed. is not aware of.  

 This report can help you complete your due diligence, build stronger relationships with your clients and become an industry leader.  

To learn more about the Protect Your Boundaries Easement Report, please join us for our online webinar training, hosted by Alicia Flores, our dedicated GeoWarehouse expert. Register now!  

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