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Protect Your Boundaries Reports

Why You Should Leverage the Protect Your Boundaries Reports in GeoWarehouse

By March 16, 2024April 11th, 2024No Comments
Why You Should Leverage the Protect Your Boundaries Reports in GeoWarehouse

As a real estate or land professional, it is important to provide your clients with authoritative data and insight into a property, to help them feel confident in their decision when purchasing or re-locating. In partnership with Protect Your Boundaries, a leader in property and boundary expertise, GeoWarehouse offers a selection of reports that can provide you information needed to conduct your business efficiently and informatively, with relevant data directly from the official land registry records.  

The Protect Your Boundaries Reports, which are available for purchase through the GeoWarehouse Store, will help ensure that you are providing your clients with the most accurate data regarding a property. They include the Buyers, Sellers and Easement Reports, which are a comprehensive title, easement and ownership report written in plain English and supported by the official Ontario Land Registry documents for the property. Learn more about these reports in our GeoWarehouse Shopping Guide

GeoWarehouse users also have access to Protect Your Boundaries’ easement counter technology, which will notify users of all easements that affect each property in Ontario. Using this technology will help ensure that your clients are making an informed and confident decision in the property they are purchasing.  

These informative reports will not only help you ensure you are offering your clients exceptional service but will also present you as an industry expert. With the ability to access crucial information through these reports that is relevant to your business, you can offer your clients a seamless superior customer experience.  

To learn more about the Protect Your Boundaries Reports, we’ve curated an exclusive training course – click here to sign up for this training session or request a group training session today and equip your team with the insights they need to succeed.