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Navigating the Parcel Register for upfront due diligence

By March 17, 2024March 22nd, 2024No Comments
Parcel Register

When closing deals, various issues may arise which will require a more in-depth investigation into current registered data as it relates to the subject property. Leveraging the Parcel Register can enable real estate professionals to conduct upfront due diligence to avoid potential delays due to undisclosed information. GeoWarehouse can arm you with the necessary tools to delve deeper into properties that warrant further investigation. In this blog, we’ll explore the data provided by a Parcel Register and the additional documents available to complement its information.  

The Parcel Register* is an official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes. The registered data provided by a Parcel Register is derived directly from POLARIS (the Province of Ontario Land Registration System) and allows you to see when a transfer, charge discharge or other documents appear against a subject property. Available in the GeoWarehouse Store, this electronic report discloses crucial information about a subject property such as: 

  • Legal description of a property 
  • Property Identification Number (PIN) 
  • Registered owner(s) of the property 
  • Ownership history 
  • Registration and discharges of any mortgages, liens or other types of encumbrances that have occurred since the property was brought into the automated land registration system.  

To learn more about how a Parcel Register can benefit your business, click here. 

View a sample of a Parcel Register 

Click here to view our How-To Video and Tips for Success document on How to request a Parcel Register in the GeoWarehouse store.  

What additional documents can be purchased to complement a Parcel Register? 

Leveraging the Title Check** tool, you can quickly identify the five most common encumbrances on a subject property. If encumbrances are displayed through the Title Check, you can purchase additional documents like Instrument Images, Registered Plans and Property Survey Images to provide a deeper understanding of the subject property. Click here to access our How-To Video and Tips for Success document to explore the Title Check tool, available in the GeoWarehouse store.

Let’s review how these additional documents are helpful and how you can leverage them.  

Instrument Images 

Instrument Images are essential for comprehensive due diligence, especially when investigating items flagged in a Parcel Register. They reveal documents registered against a property’s title such as charges, transfer documents, discharges, liens, and more. If you encounter an undisclosed private mortgage on the Parcel Register, you might want to reach out to the private mortgage lender. In such cases, the purchased Instrument Image will provide all the necessary information needed for the lawyer who registered the mortgage and often the mortgagee as well. 

Obtaining an Instrument Image is easy. Click here to view our How-To Video and Tips for Success document on How to request an Instrument Image in the GeoWarehouse store.  

Registered Plans 

Registered plans enable Real Estate professionals to validate lot dimensions and provide visual representations of property boundaries, physical features, and any registered encumbrances. The two most common types of registered plans are Plan of Sub-division and Reference Plan – let’s dig a little deeper into the difference between these plans:  

  • Plan of Sub-division: This registered plan gives you the exact surveyed boundaries, numbering and dimensions of lots including streets, schools, and parks. These plans create new and separate parcels of land and are used for larger subdivisions of land.  
  • Reference Plan: This deposited plan provides a visual representation of a property, depicting boundaries, location, dimensions, and any physical documentary evidence that could affect the title of the subject property. These plans are typically used when subdividing into four lots or less.  

Property Survey Images

A Property Survey Image is an image of the surveyor’s plan portion of the surveyor’s real property report, building location survey, or other unregistered/undeposited survey plans. These historical plans show the location of buildings, structures, physical features, and registered encumbrances on or immediately adjacent to the property. Click here to view our How-To Video and Tips for Success document on How to purchase a registered plan or survey image in the GeoWarehouse store. 

Leverage the information obtained from a Parcel Register and explore additional documents to enhance your due diligence efforts and provide a higher quality of service to your clients. To learn more about Parcel Registers and other registered documents, register for training or learn more in the GeoWarehouse Academy. 

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes. The Parcel Register may not include all the information that is required to guarantee your commission. The Parcel Register can be used as a tool in your due diligence process to reduce the risk of closing issues that can affect your commission. The Parcel Register does not guarantee your commission.

**The Title Check tool is available to specific 2024 subscription types and will be accessible upon account renewals.