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Protect Your Boundaries Reports

Unlocking Property Insights: A Guide to Protect Your Boundaries Reports

By April 20, 2024April 24th, 2024No Comments
Protect Your Boundaries

Having access to accurate and comprehensive data is crucial to ensure that you and your clients have the necessary information to make informed decisions when it comes to real estate. This is where the Protect Your Boundaries (PYB) partnership with GeoWarehouse, comes into play. Offering a range of informative reports, these resources provide invaluable insights into properties, helping to navigate transactions with confidence and expertise. 

Understanding Protect Your Boundaries Reports

GeoWarehouse offers a selection of Protect Your Boundaries (PYB) reports that are designed to equip you with the data needed to conduct business efficiently and effectively. These reports include the Buyers, Sellers, and Easement Reports, each offering a comprehensive overview of title, easement, and ownership information supported by the official Ontario Land Registry records for the subject property. 

Accessible through the GeoWarehouse store, these reports are invaluable for identifying potential issues at the earliest stages of a transaction, providing you with authoritative data to make confident property-related decisions. From parcel registers to easement instruments, these reports leave no stone unturned, ensuring that all pertinent information is readily available. Let’s delve deeper into the contents of these reports: 

PYB Buyers Report: This report is a comprehensive title, easement and ownership report written in plain English, backed by official Ontario Land Registry records for the subject property. This report includes the property’s Parcel Register, Easement Instruments, and the PYB Official guide to help understand and research a property effectively. Click here to view a sample.    

PYB Sellers Report: This report is a customized package for sellers that includes crucial boundary-related documents to mitigate risk such as the property’s Parcel Register, Full Legal Description of the property, Easement Instruments, Registered Subdivision (survey) Plan for the property, the PYB Official guide to the BoundaryWise™ listings and the PYB Seller’s Resource Guide. Click here to view a sample.  

PYB Easement Report: This report provides a comprehensive expert analysis and clear explanation of easements on the subject property. This report will allow you to fully understand the nature of any easement that affects the subject property and includes the property’s Parcel Register, and original easement Instruments on title, for reference. Click here to view a sample.  

Completing due diligence is paramount in conducting a real estate transaction, empowering professionals to build stronger client relationships and mitigate risks, ensuring successful transactions. Additionally, GeoWarehouse users benefit from easement counter technology, providing notifications of easements affecting properties in Ontario. This technology empowers professionals to make informed decisions and offer clients unparalleled service. Coupled with ongoing training and professional development opportunities, professionals can leverage these resources to become industry leaders, delivering exceptional service and safeguarding client interests, presenting you as an industry expert. 

Equip yourself with Expert Training

For professionals seeking to further enhance their expertise, the BoundaryWise Academy is a premier educational platform designed to empower real estate professionals, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate complex land, boundary, easement, and title issues effectively. 

In addition to the PYB BoundaryWise Academy, GeoWarehouse users can learn more about the various additional due diligence tools and resources, register for training, view the Tips for Success document on how to purchase the PYB reports from the GeoWarehouse store, through visiting the GeoWarehouse Academy.