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Trust in Your Tech Partner: Why GeoWarehouse Works for Law Enforcement

By April 24, 2024May 7th, 2024No Comments

In law enforcement, every moment and detail matters. A reliable technology partner can mean the difference between success and setbacks.  More than just supplying a platform, your technology provider can give you the power to solve cases faster, with greater accuracy and confidence. It all starts with having a partner you can trust.   

Trust in the technology, expertise and support they provide. Let’s explore why these three pillars of trust are so important.  


GeoWarehouse is provided by Teranet, Canada’s leader in the delivery and transformation of statutory registry services with extensive expertise in land and commercial registries. With over 30 years of experience in managing one of the world’s most sophisticated land registries, Teranet offers unparalleled precision and depth in property information.  

The company’s deep-rooted expertise extends to a wide range of sectors, including real estate, financial services and government. For law enforcement, this means not just access to advanced technology but also a wealth of knowledge and resources. This expertise is a key part of the trust equation, helping users feel confident in using GeoWarehouse for their critical tasks. 


For law enforcement professionals, time is always of the essence. Being able to rely on technology allows law enforcement agencies to conduct faster, more accurate investigations and make decisions more effectively. Modern solutions like GeoWarehouse, which offer advanced analytics, easy-to-use features and quick access to important information, significantly streamline their work. 

GeoWarehouse provides innovative features that empower law enforcement with access to valuable information, such as detailed aerial photos, up-to-date property ownership records, and complete land title documents.  This information is critical for conducting in-depth investigations, spotting crime patterns and making quick, informed decisions when public safety is on the line. 

John Armit, Acting Detective Sergeant with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), shares how having a trusted technology partner in GeoWarehouse has been instrumental in his investigations:  

“The Ontario Provincial Police’s Anti-Rackets Branch (ARB) conducts complex multi-jurisdictional and transnational fraud investigations that result in significant financial loss to individuals, corporations and government. As a fraud investigator within ARB, I was tasked to investigate a large complex construction fraud, which had numerous victims located across Ontario. One aspect of the investigation surrounded bankruptcy fraud, where the suspect liquidated the assets prior to claiming bankruptcy,” he says. 

“I was able to use GeoWarehouse as a tool to conduct searches of the suspect’s properties/holdings. The quick, concise, and accurate search results from GeoWarehouse allowed me to obtain information I was seeking with ease.”

Support and Training

When it comes to working with solutions providers, providing a tool is just one part of the equation; ensuring it’s used effectively is equally important. GeoWarehouse offers comprehensive training and support through the GeoWarehouse Academy, available 24/7, covering everything from practical tips to detailed tutorials.  This support ensures that law enforcement agencies are not only equipped with a tool but also know how to use it to its full potential, boosting their skills and confidence on the job. 

Tips for choosing a trustworthy tech partner

When evaluating new technology solutions, look for signs that you can confidently trust them to support your investigations, such as: 

  • Openness and communication: Look for vendors who are transparent about their offerings and how they align with your specific needs. A partner that communicates clearly about their services demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness. 
  • A strong track record: Opt for vendors with a proven history of reliability and successful collaborations with law enforcement agencies. Their experience and success stories are indicators of their ability to meet your needs. 
  • Training and support: Choose a vendor that offers in-depth training and continuous support. This commitment shows they are genuinely invested in your success and the effective use of their technology. 
  • Security and compliance: It’s crucial to partner with vendors who prioritize the security of their platforms and adhere to all relevant industry standards. This commitment to security safeguards your operations and data integrity. 
  • Ongoing improvement: Select vendors who are actively working to enhance their products and services. A focus on continuous improvement indicates they are prepared to address new challenges and evolve with the changing landscape of law enforcement technology. 

Gain a trusted partner

The trust law enforcement professionals place in their tech partners is key to their success. GeoWarehouse exemplifies how such trust leads to better operational efficiency, quicker investigations and safer communities. 

Experience the difference of a trustworthy tech partner. For top-tier technology with proven expertise and full support, consider GeoWarehouse. To learn more request a private demo today.