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How The Residential Relocation Report Can Help Developers Validate Future Development Projects

By March 1, 2023August 14th, 2023No Comments

As a builder and developer, you understand the importance of location. GeoWarehouse helps deliver builders & developers the property data they need to thoroughly complete their business and support their clients. With access to extensive and authoritative data, it means you can research and identify ownership, see the value of the land and understand the surrounding vicinity.  

To further provide you insight into location data, we were encouraged to launch the Residential Relocation Report to further help support users in their business. As a result of feedback from our Teranet Insighters Community, this report was created to provide insight and access to relocation data, insights and trends of various neighbourhoods, Municipalities or Land Registry Offices (LRO). 

These reports can be leveraged when you are looking to identify and validate future development projects.  

Be a location expert with Residential Relocation Reports 

As you search for new development opportunities for a business or a client, it is crucial to consider the location. Having insight into the property information and the area’s migration trends could help you properly determine opportunities specific to your client’s business.  

The most granular of the reports is the FSA report. Forward Sorting Area (FSA), meaning the first 3 digits of a postal code, shows where people are moving in and out, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. The Municipality report shows the same migration information based on city or town. Understanding migration trends can provide you insight into up-and-coming areas, which might support your decisions on future development opportunities. 

As for the The LRO Report, this provides you insight into the surrounding area. What is the median age of those living within the vicinity? Is this a downtown location? Is there parking nearby?  

Understanding your clients and the surrounding areas is critical to setting your business up for success and remaining competitive. Having access to this knowledge, provides you with the data you need and more.  

Purchase a Residential Relocation Report today. 

The new Residential Relocation Reports are offered at three aggregate data levels: Land Registry Office, Municipality or FSA. These reports are available for purchase within the GeoWarehouse store. To learn more about how you can leverage this report in your business, view this handy how-to guide.    

Invest in this knowledge today. Visit the GeoWarehouse Store today to increase your business’s value proposition.