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Team Member Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight Series – Henok Tsegaye, Senior Data Analyst

By September 22, 2022No Comments
Henok Tsegaye

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team of experts works hard to support the GeoWarehouse® solution and help bring you the most robust and authoritative property research, data and analytics tool in Ontario. In this series, we will be featuring a new team member each month to shine the light on who they are and how they support you in your business through Teranet GeoWarehouse’s platform.       

This month, we spoke with our Senior Data Analyst, Henok Tsegaye. Learn more about his role at Teranet, how he supports the GeoWarehouse solution and how the team continues to drive innovation to better serve our customers.  

1. Tell us a bit about your career path and how you came to hold your current position. 

I graduated with a degree in Computational Mathematics and became a Data Science fanatic right after my undergrad. I then joined a Data Science bootcamp to be able to learn the latest open-source tools used to process big data. 

I joined Teranet as a student in 2017 to support the Data & Analytics team in setting up a Big Data platform that can be used to gain better insights for decision-making and forecasting. As the value of Big Data analysis became better understood the team started to provide insights to multiple lines of business and grew into what it is today. 

2. How has your role changed over time? 

At the start of my career at Teranet my role was to support the Senior Data Analyst as a student intern. I was involved in doing quality checks and creating documentation for the work the team was doing. This allowed me to learn more about Data Engineering and Analysis which in turn led me into an associate role.  

From then on, I started to become heavily involved in creating Data Pipelines, Analytics & Insights gaining extensive knowledge in our Registry (Teraview) and Real Estate vertical (GeoWarehouse and PurView) data.  

3. How does your role tie into the modernization and innovation of solutions offered by Teranet?

My main goal is to research and develop analytical products and insights using Teranet’s data. As a Senior Data Analyst, I support different teams to make better decisions using data. Data Analytics has become very impactful for Teranet, and the team’s value is real and tangible. This has been shown with the latest Residential Relocation product in GeoWarehouse which creates more insight for our clients. 

4. What do you think is the most notable innovation in your division in recent years?

Teranet has recently demonstrated itself to be a thought leader in the Ontario real estate market insight. We have the capability to process enormous amounts of data to create insights and this is shown in our Buyer classification report that segments all the purchase activities based on buyer type – first time homebuyers, movers, multi-property owners, and others. We are always working on providing the best solutions for our clients and the public. 

5. What can customers expect in the future?

The Data Analytics team will always work towards creating new innovative data products. Our customers can expect our solutions to be enhanced with their needs in mind. I am excited for the future. 

Connect with Henok Tsegaye on LinkedIn.