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Team Member Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight Series – Shelley Williams, Customer Service Supervisor

By August 31, 2022No Comments
Team Member Spotlight Series

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team of experts works hard to support the GeoWarehouse® solution and help bring you the most robust and authoritative property research, data and analytics tool in Ontario. In this series, we will be featuring a new team member each month to shine the light on who they are and how they support you in your business through Teranet GeoWarehouse’s platform.      

This month, we spoke with Shelley Williams, our dedicated Customer Service Supervisor. For 25 years, Shelley has supported Teranet solutions and worked closely with customers. As Teranet products continued to grow and evolve, so did Shelley’s knowledge and understanding of the services offered and the needs of the customer.  

See how Shelly continues to support Teranet in her role and what customers can expect in the future.  

1. Tell us a bit about your career path and how you came to hold your current position. 

I started my career at Teranet 25 years ago this September!  After completing a post graduate diploma in Geographic Information Systems, I joined Teranet as part of the team that was automating the Land Registration System.  After working on that project for a couple of years, I moved to the Customer Service Team and helped to support the rollout of electronic registration.  I have been a part of the Customer Service team ever since in various roles, eventually leading to my current role as the Supervisor of Customer Service.  

2. How has your role changed over time? 

I started in Customer Service as an agent on the phone, supporting the Teraview solution.  As Teranet began to roll out solutions for other industries, such as Geowarehouse, I learned to support those products as well.  I eventually became a Lead for the GeoWarehouse and Teraview products, and after that, the Supervisor for the team.  

3. How does your role tie into the modernization and innovation of solutions offered by Teranet? 

As the Supervisor of the team, I ensure my staff has the training and knowledge required to support GeoWarehouse. As we roll out new product features, I ensure the team is trained to help our customers successfully use these new features.  As my team speaks to our customers every day, I also review all the feedback that our customers provide to us about GeoWarehouse, and share it with the Product Team.  

4. What do you think is the most notable innovation in your division in recent years?  

During my time in Customer Service, I have seen a change in the way our customers look for support. In recent years, much of our support has shifted from phone to email.  We also now support via Live Chat and offer self-help options through our Help Center. It is important to offer numerous ways for our customers to reach out to us for assistance, in the way they feel most comfortable.  

5.  What do you think has been the key to keeping your team at Teranet motivated and engaged?  

We have a talented team here in Customer Service, with many long-time staff.  We stay connected with weekly team meetings, where we discuss common issues that have arisen each week, so everyone stays informed.  We also survey our customers after each interaction and seeing positive comments from our customers about the service we have provided is a great motivator.  

6.  What can customers expect in the future? 

Customer Service will continue to advocate for our customers, and we are committed to helping them get the most out of GeoWarehouse.  We understand what a valuable tool GeoWarehouse is for their business, and we aim to provide quick and efficient support.