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Heat Maps

Introducing GeoWarehouse Heat Maps

By January 22, 2022January 23rd, 2024No Comments
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With our latest release, we are pleased to introduce GeoWarehouse’s new heat map tool. With the simple click of a button, you can use this new interactive heat map tool with three layers of data that quickly and accurately show you real estate transaction information for any market in Ontario. 

The data and analytics are powered by Teranet’s authoritative, comprehensive land registry database to create a visual representation that makes researching various markets easier. The GeoWarehouse heat maps will help you distinguish the performance of different locations based on the various real estate metrics to better support you as you add value for your clients. 

The new GeoWarehouse heat maps feature three data levels (Average Sales, Growth Rate and Market Turnover) that allow you to quickly see where opportunities are, how affordable an area is and how an area is trending within various time frames. Additionally, you can filter the results using the property type to show freehold or condos.  

The GeoWarehouse heat maps use a scale of shades of blue, green, yellow and red to visualize the market performance with each layer of data. Regardless of which data layer you are looking at, you can adjust the “Property Type” or “Date Range” settings to view alternative information.  

money pinWhen you select the “Average Sales” layer, the map updates to show an overlay with the average sale price for the area in view. 

chartWhen you select the “Growth Rate” layer, the map updates to show an overlay with percentage data for the area in view.  

icon 3When you select the “Market Turnover” layer, the map updates to show an overlay with percentage of properties that have sold within that block to indicate the popularity of a given area.  

We are continuously adding new features and functions to GeoWarehouse and the Heat Maps are just one of the many enhancements that have been added as of late. To ensure you are maximizing your access to the most comprehensive, accurate source of land registry data in Ontario, we’ve introduced GeoWarehouse Academy and the robust training calendar. You can learn more about the heat map feature in the All About GeoWarehouse Course. To learn more about how to access the heat map tool in GeoWarehouse, view our helpful Tips for Success document

The continual addition enhancement to GeoWarehouse is result of feedback from our clients through the Teranet Insighters Community. If you would like to provide your feedback and insight on other enhancements you would like to see, join the community today 

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*The Heat Map feature is available to specific subscription types only.