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Shape the Future of GeoWarehouse: Teranet Insighters

By August 10, 2020No Comments

Shape the future of GeoWarehouse!

We have an exciting opportunity — Teranet Insighters, our new community for Canadian real estate professionals to share what’s important to you.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the customer experience, want to hear what you love about GeoWarehouse and what improvements you would love to see.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up to be a member of Teranet Insighters.
  • Provide regular feedback through monthly activities, such as short online surveys.
  • The results are shared back with the community.
  • You’re eligible for great prizes and our Member of the Month feature!

Why Should You Join Teranet Insighters?

Teranet Insighters access many great perks, including:

  • Exclusive industry insights – you’ll be able to see the anonymous results of the community surveys so you can see what your peers are thinking.
  • Be entered to win monthly prizes.
  • The chance to be a featured Member of the Month.
  • The opportunity to help build industry-leading real estate solutions you can use for your own career.

Your Voice, Your Future

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to help us improve our offering to you and weigh in on decisions that will impact your business.

GeoWarehouse and Teranet solutions are relied upon by real estate professionals across Canada. We’re committed to innovation and continuous improvement — we’d love for you to help shape that progression.

You can learn more about Teranet Insighters by:

Become a Teranet Insighters

If you’d like to help shape the future of our GeoWarehouse products and services, become a member of Teranet Insighters today!

Learn more and register here.