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Property Insights Report with AVM Range

5 ways to use the Teranet Property Insight Reports with AVM Range in your business

By October 16, 2023October 24th, 2023No Comments

The Teranet Property Insights Report with AVM Range offers GeoWarehouse subscribers a wide selection of property information, including historical property sales data, valuation & detailed comparables. Arming you with everything you need to effectively serve your clients and remain knowledgeable in your market, this centralized report can be used in a variety of ways to ensure you are maximizing your knowledge of the property you are working with to offer the best service to your clients.  

Here are 5 ways you can leverage the Teranet Property Insights Report with AVM Range in your business: 

  1. Complete Property Valuation Estimates

One of the most critical aspects of real estate transactions is determining the accurate value of a property. The Teranet Property Insights Report with AVM utilizes sophisticated algorithms and a vast dataset to provide users with reliable property valuation estimates. These estimates are crucial for setting competitive listing prices, negotiating fair deals, and making sound investment choices. 

  1. Access Historical Sales Data 

The Property Insights Report with AVM in GeoWarehouse offers access to historical sales data, allowing users to analyze price fluctuations, market trends, and property appreciation rates.  

  1. Conduct Market Research

Whether you are a real estate agent, investor, builder or developer, conducting thorough market research is essential. This report streamlines this process by providing users with access to market analytics and property sales history. This enables users to identify emerging trends, hotspots, and areas with potential for growth, helping them make strategic decisions. 

  1. Streamline Your Due Diligence

The Teranet Property Insights Report with AVM Range simplifies the task of gathering essential and accurate property information. Users can access property ownership history, liens, and encumbrances, helping them identify any potential issues that could impact their transactions. This streamlining of due diligence saves time and reduces the risk of costly surprises. 

  1. Improve Client Services

Teranet Property Insights Report with AVM Range provides access to accurate and up-to-date property information that enhances client trust and confidence. By leveraging this tool, professionals can offer valuable insights and advice, leading to more successful transactions and satisfied clients. 


To learn more about the Teranet Property Insights Report with AVM Range, register for training or learn more in the GeoWarehouse Academy.