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Residential Relocation Reports

Diving into data with GeoWarehouse® Residential Relocation Reports

By October 25, 2023January 23rd, 2024No Comments

Real Estate Sales Professionals know that there’s no such thing as having too much information when it comes to communities, neighbourhoods, and markets. But it’s not the information that makes a great Real Estate Sales Professional. It’s their ability to create real estate insights by combining that information with context and experience. 

Understanding where people are moving to, where they’re moving from, and what types of properties are being purchased are trends that have become even more critical over the last two years. The pandemic has impacted real estate markets not only in major cities but in almost every sized community across the province. 

GeoWarehouse is the authoritative source of land registry data in Ontario—but that data, analytics, and insights only provide a fraction of what’s available inside GeoWarehouse®. We’ve partnered with Protect Your Boundaries, MPAC, HoodQ, Environics, and other third-party data suppliers to provide a 360-degree view of housing trends in Ontario. In addition to the release of these Residential Relocation Reports, we have also just launched the Heat Maps feature.  

Actionable insights for Real Estate Sales Professionals

In the same way that Real Estate Sales Professionals combine information and experience into insights, our team of data scientists combines data, analysis, and knowledge into actionable reports to help make sense of rapidly changing residential real estate markets.  

Our Residential Relocation Report, available for purchase by GeoWarehouse® subscribers, is designed to help land and real estate professionals do their due diligence and provide their clients with the right information for one of the most significant purchases any person will make.  

Real Estate Sales Professionals and land professionals asked us about trends in migration, and affordability to help them better understand where people move from, move to, and what types of properties they are purchasing. The Residential Relocation Report is a report made for a time of unprecedented disruption in Canadian real estate markets. 

Built for Real Estate Sales Professionals and Land Professionals

Working with industry partners and clients and the Teranet Insighters community, we have created three different residential Relocation Report data levels. 

  1. The FSA report is the most granular level of the Residential Relocation Reports. It shows where people are moving to and from neighbourhood by neighbourhood, based on Forward Sorting Area data (the first 3 digits of a postal code).  
  2. The Municipality report shows migration based on city or town. 
  3. The LRO report provides the Residential Relocation Report data based on Land Registry Office location. 

How Real Estate Sales Professionals can use the Residential Relocation Reports

Real Estate Sales Professionals across Ontario can put the Residential Relocation Report to use for clients by providing deep insights into the neighbourhoods and communities you serve.  

Improve marketing efficiency

The Residential Relocation Report provides detailed demographic information to help you properly spend your marketing dollars where it makes the most sense. Understanding migration trends can also provide insights into which areas new buyers in your area are coming from.  

Imagine you’re a Real Estate Sales Professional in Waterloo Region, and you see a trend of new home buyers from the GTA. Increasing your marketing spend in those areas of the GTA—or partnering with a Real Estate Sales Professional there—can help build your potential buyer pipeline for your clients.  

Insight-driven farming

Farming has been a tool in almost every REALTORs® toolkit for decades. Becoming an expert in a neighbourhood takes time and effort—and there’s increased competition in every market with the drop in property inventory.   

Insights from the Residential Relocation Report can be your advantage over the competition. While data doesn’t replace on the ground experience, the data in the reports can be used to help strengthen existing relationships in the communities you serve. The data can also be a strong foundation for starting your farming efforts in new communities as your business and clientele grow.

Get the report today

The new Residential Relocation Reports are offered at three aggregate data levels: Land Registry Office, Municipality or the most granular level, FSA. These reports are available for purchase within the GeoWarehouse store. Visit the store and invest in yours today. 

Click here to view our Tips for Success document.  

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