Residential Relocation Reports in GeoWarehouse bring migration information to your fingertips

December 3rd, 2021

Our NEW Residential Relocation Reports provide a critical edge, giving real estate, planning and surveying professionals alike, access to relocation data. The Residential Relocation Reports were created to help industry professionals discover and learn about specific areas/markets to assist with marketing and business growth plans. It also assists with educating clients to better understand the breakdown of real estate transactions occurring within specific geographic areas. Such information helps guide decision-making processes and provides insights into their communities of choice. 

The reports showcase where individuals are moving to and from within a specified region. It also includes relocation data highlighting sales within the region, property types purchased, percentage of first-time home buyers and breakdown of buyers by age.  

The new Residential Relocation Reports are offered at three aggregate data levels: Land Registry Office, Municipality or the most granular level, FSA. These reports are available for purchase in the GeoWarehouse Store and in the Property Detail Report.  

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