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Product Focus: The Power of a Property Report

By November 9, 2021No Comments

Why do real estate sales professionals rely on GeoWarehouse® Property Reports? Because of the power that comes with being able to see all the data you need about a subject property, on-demand. When working on a real estate deal, time, accuracy and efficiency make or break a sales professional’s success. That is why GeoWarehouse Property Reports are designed to deliver the exact information needed depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

There are three key Property Reports available in GeoWarehouse. Each of your clients will be unique. Some clients are very detail oriented and want as much information as possible about a subject property, while others may want basic information. Some may want very specific information and aren’t interested in all the rest. You also may want to vary your approach depending on whether it is a customer relationship, or a client relationship accompanied by a signed agreement.

Let’s walk through each report and highlight how each is unique.

Basic Client Report

The “Basic Client Report” is a one-page, quick summary report that only contains essential information such as property details (excluding the owner’s name), aerial and street view imagery, assessment information and sales history. Click here to view a sample of the Basic Client Report.

My Property Report

The “My Property Report” is a report that is designed for fielding requests from clients and is generated based on your selected preferences. It can be configured to include all or specific details. Putting this into practice, you may have a client who is only interested in demographic information and not sales history for example. This report enables you to decide what exact components are included in your report. Click here to view a sample of My Property Report.

Client Report

This is the report we recommend for clients. Like “My Property Report” this report is also completely configurable to include the information you want it to. What makes it unique is that unlike “My Property Report” you can include comparable sales and market analytics. There are three sections in the Client Report: Property Information, Area Sales Information and Market Analytics

Market analytics are of value because you can provide your client insights into:

  • Historical market trends: average sales values, growth and market turn over rates.
  • Market statistics: average sales prices, growth rates, market turn overs and more.
  • Area heat map: average sales value heat maps (identifies areas that are more affordable), growth rate heat maps (identify which areas offer the best ROI), market turnover heat maps (identify areas that have higher sales volumes). These are highlighted through a colour-coding system that makes the results stand out and easy to identify.

Click here to view a sample of the Client Report.

When you are in GeoWarehouse and selecting a Property Details Report you will be presented with options to select from one of these three reports. Once selected you can generate the report as a PDF. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that include step by step instructions and screenshots on how you can generate your reports as PDF and make adjustments to a printed report:

See how the power is at your fingertips? GeoWarehouse property details reports arm you with all the capabilities you need to share information about properties with your clients, quickly and professionally.

For more information about GeoWarehouse Property Details Reports or to download one of the three reports, please reach log in to the GeoWarehouse Platform.