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GeoWarehouse Store: Your One-Stop Shop for The Most Comprehensive Property Data in Ontario

By August 9, 2022August 14th, 2023No Comments
Geowarehouse store

Did you know that as a GeoWarehouse subscriber, you have access to the exclusive GeoWarehouse store that offers a variety of reports that can help you complete your due diligence for your clients? You can access Instrument Images (Mortgage and Transfer Documents, Liens), surveys plans and other vital data all in GeoWarehouse store – your virtual connection to information that could make or break your deal. 

Not only do you have access to the most aggregated land data in Ontario, but we also have reports specific to your business to better help you complete your due diligence and ensure your clients are confident in the property they are purchasing.  

Our list of reports offer the most aggregate property data in Ontario. See below for a selection of reports that can benefit you and your business: 

Residential Relocation Reports: these reports are designed to help land and real estate professionals do their due diligence and provide their clients with the right information for one of the most significant purchases any person will make.  Real Estate Sales Professionals and land professionals asked us about trends in migration, and affordability to help them better understand where people move from, move to, and what types of properties they are purchasing.  

Title Documents: Access statutory documents, including a Parcel Register, to identify early in the transaction protentional equity or land use problems. A Parcel register is a record containing a property description and list of instruments registered against the property within the Land Registration System of Ontario as of the date of search. Delivered through POLARIS (Province of Ontario Land Registration Information System), this data contained in POLARIS is the official land registration data of the Province of Ontario and is the most accurate and complete data available.  

Protect Your Boundaries (PYB Reports): In partnership with Protect Your Boundaries, a leader in property and boundary expertise, GeoWarehouse offers a selection of reports that can provide you with information needed to conduct your business efficiently and informatively, with relevant data directly from the official land registry records.  These reports provide comprehensive title, easement and ownership information and include the Buyers, Sellers and Easement Reports, supported by the official Ontario Land Registry documents for the property. These informative reports will not only help you ensure you are offering your clients exceptional service but will also present you as an industry expert. 

Teranet Property Insighters Reports: These reports provide an estimated value using Teranet’s AVM helping support your CMA with a secondary unbiased opinion which is also used by Financial Institutions and Mortgage Professionals. They can help you set up the right expectations for an estimated value of a property with your clients. These reports also include a title check to help you with additional due diligence and identify any documents registered on title that may diminish the equity of the property that may result in a potential loss of your commission. 

HoodQ Neighbourhood and School Catchment Reports: People don’t just buy a home — they buy a neighbourhood, a community, a lifestyle. And this report integration helps real estate professionals communicate that vision. Deep dive into the details of a particular address, including nearby schools, parks & recreation, transit, safety, and convenience. Normally, to access HoodQ reports users must sign up for a HoodQ subscription. However, in partnership with HoodQ, these reports are available for purchase through the GeoWarehouse e-store.   

Want to learn more? Register for training. 

We also have a variety of training sessions available for you to better understand these reports and the data available so you can leverage these in your business. Please email our dedicated GeoWarehouse expert and Trainer, Alicia Flores, to book a training session for you or your office.  

Want to find out what other data is available in the GeoWarehouse store? Check it out.