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How to Generate Real Estate Comparables in GeoWarehouse

By August 3, 2022January 23rd, 2024No Comments
Real Estate Comparables

Generating Real Estate Comparables has never been faster or easier. As you know, your sales comparables will help you in determining the value of a property or types of properties and/or land in a particular area. This is necessary when determining an accurate list price for your listings and helps buyers know if the price of the property they are considering is in line with the market.  To determine the list price, it’s important to account for all the real estate transactions that have occurred in the area. GeoWarehouse is the only authoritative single source for all real estate transactions in Ontario that include, FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner), exclusives, builder sales and transactions that were represented by a real estate sales representative who may belong to a Real Estate Board.  When you use the GeoWarhouse Comparables function, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re seeing the full picture of the activity. 

In GeoWarehouse® you can quickly and fluidly generate your Real Estate Comparables with ease and this article will show you how. 

You can request sales comparables from within the Property Details Report by clicking on the “Comparables” icon, but you can also now generate your sales comparables right from the Maps screen. On the top right-hand corner of the maps screen (to the right of the search bar) you can now see an option that says “Search Comparables”.  

Whether you have selected Search Comparables from the map screen or the comparables icon from inside the Property Details Report relating to a specific property, a search criteria window will appear.  

You will enter the criteria needed to generate your comparable sales. You can generate comparable sales by: 

  1. Radius: select from a drop-down of distances 
  2. Polygon or Multi-polygon: focus on one or multiple areas, you can draw your custom area(s) 
  3. Sales dates 
  4. Property type 
  5. Price Amount 
  6. Lot size 

Once you have selected your criteria, select Find Comparables and a list of comparable properties that meet your search criteria will appear. 

For your results, you have a lot of flexibility. You can: 

  • De-select comparables that are not of interest simply by removing the check mark associated with each result 
  • Refine your search and refresh your results  

When you are finished you can either print the report or generate a PDF of the report. Doing so is as simple as selecting the printer or PDF icons.  

Click here to view our Tips for Success document to walk you through using the Radius and Polygon/Mulit-Polygon options.  

Now you can see just how easy it is to request your Real Estate Comparables in GeoWarehouse. Time is money and this is one tool that saves time.