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What is included in Property Assessment data?

The MPAC Property Assessment data includes:

1. The Assessment Roll Number (ARN) – This is a unique 15 digit identification number that MPAC assigns to each and every property it assesses. The MPAC property assessed value and mill rate are used by Municipalities to determine the amount of annual property taxes.

2. Assessment Values – The assessment value is updated annually to reflect the current year’s assessed values.

3. Depth and Values – The MPAC Assessment is detailed and will reveal the depth and values of the lot which is helpful if you are listing, selling, appraising or surveying a property.

4. Property Type – This is the type of property as defined by MPAC.

How to acquire Property Assessment data?

Property Assessment data can be acquired throughout GeoWarehouse. After locating a subject property, property assessment data can be found under the Property Details and Neighbourhood Sales tabs. You can also purchase a number of MPAC Assessment Reports through the GeoWarehouse store. To view which MPAC Assessment reports are available simply click on the orange “GeoWarehouse” Store icon to view the GeoWarehouse online shopping catalogue.