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How to complete your profile on GeoWarehouse

GeoWarehouse reports are customized and the system will retrieve your information from your profile page, so it is a good idea to keep the information up to date. To update your profile:

  1. Click on “My GeoWarehouse” on the upper navigation menu.
  2. The default tab is always “My Profile”. Here, you can see your profile information. You can use this area as an opportunity to change or enter any missing information.
  3. In the “My Card” section, you can browse your computer and upload your photo, logo, business card, or another image and it will appear on your GeoWarehouse reports.

You can also set GeoWarehouse default preferences within the “My Profile” tab that include your “Default Search Method”, “Default Land Registry Office” or “Default Province”. You will note that the Default Province is set to Ontario because GeoWarehouse is currently only available in Ontario.