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How do I purchase a Parcel Register (POLARIS Parcel Register)?

  1. After logging in you can simply search for a subject property by entering the property address, address range, PIN or owners name to locate the property without visiting the GeoWarehouse Store catalogue.
  2. After selecting the Land Registry Office where the property is located and entering the property address then click search. GeoWarehouse will locate the subject property that matches your criteria.
  3. You will note that beneath the subject property there is a link for the “GeoWarehouse Store.” If you click this link, you will be brought to the GeoWarehouse Store Catalogue to purchase your Parcel Register*.
  4. Another way to order from the store is through the Property Details feature. If you click the Property Details link, you will notice that there is a little orange GeoWarehouse store icon and the words “Parcel Register*”. If you click on it you will be advanced to the shopping cart where you can complete your purchase.
  5. Next you will indicate if you would like your search to include deleted instruments.
  6. To complete your purchase, click the button labelled “Add Product to Cart”.
  7. Next select check out an input your payment information.
  8. Finally you will be brought to a screen where you can download your product. All you have to do is click to button labelled “download”.
  9. Now you can review it, print it or save it.