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GeoWarehouse Library


Cross-Reference Report

Cross-referencing your data allows you to link property ownership information and assessment information to get the full picture of all of the attributes associated with a parcel of land. You can speed up your workday by having all your data combined in one easy reference spot.

GeoWarehouse Solution for Builders & Developers

Geowarehouse encompasses an endless amount features, some of which will allow you to confirm property ownership and legal descriptions of properties, check historical sales and encumbrances, view property boundaries layered over aerial images, and allow for in-depth property searching.

GeoWarehouse Solutions for Commercial and Investment

GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search has been created to include powerful new ICI search features and reports based on provincial assessment information. Enhance property valuations and due diligence with the multitude of key features provided by GeoWarehouse

GeoWarehouse Solutions for Surveyors

The maintenance and research of your survey plans is a snap with the new Surveyor Group Enrollment Program for private surveyors. It gives you integrated access to the province-wide GeoWarehouse and Land Survey Records applications, and offers discounts on standard GeoWarehouse license fees.

GeoWarehouse Store Product Guide – Real Estate Sales Professionals

At the GeoWarehouse Store, you’ll find professional tools you can customize to suit the situation, helping you keep up with the ever-changing needs of the Canadian home buyer.

GeoWarehouse Store Product Guide

This full suite of GeoWarehouse products delivers the data, giving you access to complete and current research solutions available. Eliminate the guesswork, amp up your bottom line and make your life easier.

GeoVerifier: Collection Agencies Solution

Collection Agencies can validate property ownership, assess neighbourhood property values, and access additional information for asset validation. Manage your collection portfolio by searching addresses and owner names, viewing previous property transfer prices, and performing neighborhood sales analyses.

Title Report Solutions

Reports include a subset of the information contained in the Ontario Land Registration System. They allow municipalities and utilities to function more efficiently, providing them with reliable and current data available in one detailed digital report set to their schedule.

Parcel Register Brochure

Because you need to be as thorough as you can with the time that you have, a Parcel Register from the GeoWarehouse Store is accessible and you will breathe easier knowing that things are in order on your side of the fence.