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GeoWarehouse for Government and Utilities


Governments and Utilities use the mapping information and reports, available in our GeoWarehouse online solution, to manage their day-to-day activities and make informed decisions. From locating properties to getting detailed property information, GeoWarehouse makes it easy for these organizations to provide quality service to their constituents and clients.

Why do governments and utilities use GeoWarehouse?

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Municipalities use GeoWarehouse for numerous activities including validating property ownership, locating and confirming municipal assets, and viewing properties on a map integrated with aerial imagery and road information.

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Utilities use GeoWarehouse to obtain property information regarding their assets and plants. The map view displays the location of the property as well as neighbouring properties. Property attributes including address and legal descriptions are also easily accessible.

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Provincial and Federal Governments

Federal and Provincial Governments use the information available in our GeoWarehouse online solution to obtain property-related information for research, project planning, and property management. Data and reports are presented in an easy to use, customizable format.

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Learn more about GeoWarehouse

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GeoWarehouse’s map is up to date and it helped me find the location easily. I could not find the same location in TREB’s maps.

I was able to get a comparables report easily. The report gave me a quick list which I used to hone in on the best comparables.

Asghar Jafri

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