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By having GeoWarehouse available to me I have become more efficient in doing my job and providing excellent customer service to my clients. This tool is the single most visited site that I use on a day to day basis.

Hamed Yasinian

Your GeoWarehouse on-line course says it all. GeoWarehouse makes my job easier because the database is:

1- Convenient – access the system, with varying degrees of support, for up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
2- Timely – Title Data contained in the GeoWarehouse database is current to within 2 to 3 weeks and Parcel Registers are delivered directly from the POLARIS database.
3- Flexible – you can search records by Owner Name, Address, Instrument or PIN or search aerial maps; and
4- Reliable – data is derived from the POLARIS database.

As we all know, nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. Property owners very often become upset when property taxes go up (they don’t tend to go down). It is very common for a REALTOR to be asked by past clients to assist them when deciding whether to appeal a revised assessment. I rely on the GeoWarehouse database to provide my past clients with appropriate comparables. As a result, I have assisted past clients in both:

(a) saving money by proceeding with an appeal and
(b) avoiding the emotional turmoil and possible expense of a failed appeal. When you are in sales, you are always looking for ways to add extra value to your client relationships. This is one extra way that GeoWarehouse assists me in being unique.

When analyzing recent sales on behalf of seller clients, I use GeoWarehouse to confirm my initial pricing advice and to help my clients take a realistic approach towards the value of their property by putting themselves in the buyer’s shoes.
The GeoWarehouse database complements and expands on the information I can obtain from mls sales. I am able to show seller clients how buyers’ Realtors will search for comparables by looking for similarities in: property assessment values, lot dimensions, house facades as seen in street view, streetscape and neighborhood plot plan characteristics as seen through the mapping features. The data I can obtain through GeoWarehouse has made the difference many times between an unrealistic listing price and one which is right on the mark! As a result, I have many happy sellers who did not overprice and end up very frustrated. I never leave home without GeoWarehouse at my fingertips!”

I use GeoWarehouse to obtain useful information for both pre-listing submissions and the individual marketing plans for new listings for Seller clients. In the past, I’ve spiced up materials with air photos, used demographic information from the enhanced report, calculated distances to key ‘desirable’ features – shopping centres, schools, rec centres, and more. GeoWarehouse helps me show seller clients that I know their property and have the information on their neighborhood at my fingertips.

Gail Johnson
Sales Representative – Prudential Town Centre Realty Inc., Brokerage
280 North Service Road West, Oakville ON, L6M 2S2
Office: 905.338.6550
Fax: 905.338.7452
Cell: 905.334.9514

I use GeoWarehouse regularly to help me in preparing valuation reports for my clients, both buyers and sellers. It is an invaluable piece of the pie in helping to determine what properties in the area have sold for, and helps to form a better picture for my clients about the value of their property (or prospective property). GeoWarehouse has enabled me to provide a higher level of service to my clients, and as such I’m seen as a better educated service provider (REALTOR). Thanks to the GeoWarehouse team!

Brian Wilson
Broker of Record – GlobeCorp Realty, Brokerage
Cell: (519) 697-SELL (7355)
Office: (519) 672-0333
Toll Free: (800) 427-4560

In 2009 I listed what appeared to be a typical older pre-war bungalow. When pulling basic GeoWarehouse data, I noticed an unusual easement reference in the property details. My clients had no knowledge of this from their prior purchase of the property.

I undertook extensive follow-up with municipal officials – who did not seem to have easily accessible records of it. It turned out to be a long abandoned storm sewer easement affecting only a few properties. This easement has significant impact on any buyer as it restrains the building depth on the lot. By declaring this easement and its limitation up front, my seller was properly protected and able to find the right buyer who wanted the specific house. In all likelihood, if we hadn’t known about this old easement in advance, the deal could have fallen through if an agreement had been entered into with a buyer wishing to have expansion room on the lot.

Proper pricing is a key element in real estate sales. GeoWarehouse is integral to the process. In cookie cutter suburbs, it is usually fairly easy to define the price trend. This is not the case in older neighborhoods or for a unique property that does not ‘fit’. In these cases MLS data alone will not suffice. GeoWarehouse to the rescue again – giving me the rationale for making price adjustments to selected comparables by pulling together statistics from varying points of the database. Going in-depth into GeoWarehouse has helped me help seller clients avoid over-pricing and to set and accept a realistic listing price. Happy Campers again, with the help of GeoWarehouse.

When acting for buyer clients, I have faced the dilemma of having very specific product needs and no inventory! I start with a windshield survey of the specific neighborhood in question to identify specific homes in the locations or the model type desired. Then, I extract from GeoWarehouse the lot, assessment and ownership data and conduct a normal comparative market analysis of these selected homes against recent sales. Subsequently, I approach the owner on my buyer client’s behalf. This strategy has resulted in several successful sales, new clients and happy campers all around. GeoWarehouse comes to the rescue again!

Gail Johnson
Sales Representative – Prudential Town Centre Realty Inc., Brokerage
280 North Service Road West, Oakville ON, L6M 2S2
Office: 905.338.6550, Fax: 905.338.7452
Cell: 905.334.9514

I would like to thank GeoWarehouse for making my job easier. They have provided me with accurate measurement and history of dozens of properties. Thus, saving me time and money.

Alex Melconian
Sales Representative – RE/MAX Hallmark Realty LTD.
O: 416.494.7653, C: (647) 887-7995

In November of 2010, I listed a property for sale and was told (even by the owners) that although no survey existed, the measurements were thought to be correct.

In the process of handling an offer to purchase something told me I should verify this info using the GeoWarehouse website I had referenced many times before.

To my surprise the tax records showed a difference of 2 feet in the frontage of the property. Thankfully this was found before any firm offer was accepted. Needless to say, the owners of the property were shocked as they were under the impression the house they bought was 2 feet larger than it was.

Lawyers were contacted and it turns out that a previous agent had included the frontage plus a right of way access.
Before and since, I refer to Geowarehouse as often as possible including finding the size of a condo my client is planning to bid on and wants a more exact square footage.

Paul Indrigo
Sales Representative – CENTURY 21 Regal Realty Inc, Brokerage
Independently owned & operatored.
Offices in Toronto East & Queen St W (near Liberty Village), Toronto, ON, M6K-1L6
Direct Line: 416-849-5360

GeoWarehouse’s map is up to date and it helped me find the location easily. I could not find the same location in TREB’s maps.

I was able to get a comparables report easily. The report gave me a quick list which I used to hone in on the best comparables.

Asghar Jafri

GeoWarehouse is indispensable in doing my work as a Realtor specializing in transactions for buying and selling apartment buildings because it is a great source of accurate information which I would otherwise have to physically check at the Land Registry office. It is critical in competing in this day of automated systems and online data warehouses.

With GeoWarehouse, I am able to quickly log in and instantly determine such key items as the accurate seller’s name and the dimensions of the property.This information including the legal description and frontage are important key pieces of information to be able to complete necessary legal documents for the real estate documents used in the transactions.
With the property report, I am also able to calculate the tax estimates necessary for evaluation of the profitability of the investment, I can verify how long the current owner has owned it, how much they bought it for and more.

GeoWarehouse also shows me a great aerial view of the property where the legal boundary lines are clearly defined which a purchaser wants to see and I can easily print off the property report. Just as easily, I can then look to properties nearby and search the very same information and do some searching and verification online. Beyond the basic information that is accessible, I’m also able to check other documentation registered on title to review liens, mortgages, etc.Other professionals use it beyond my current scope. In the future, I’m sure my knowledge and use of GeoWarehouse will expand.

Val Stagh

I have found that the GeoWarehouse reports have helped me to be successful in Real Estate by using the neighborhood sales report when showing clients recent sales in their area.

GeoWarehouse reports have been helpful in providing the survey of the land and in identifying neighboring lots; as well as in getting particulars on these lots such as who owns them. This is valuable to a buyer so he/she will know in advance who their neighbor would be. It also helps a seller to have an idea of property lot lines in the event there is no survey.

I have had success with clients in using the GeoWarehouse reports, specifically the property details to show the particulars of a property including the legal description and how much the property sold for and when it last sold.

Elle Peterson
Sales Representative, Kenora Home and Cottage Realty Inc.