Tips for Showing a Home That’s Under the Snow

November 11th, 2019

Winter real estate season is here and with it you might be running into a freeze on your property listings — particularly if they are under snow.

In Canada, snow is part of the property package, but it can hamper your winter real estate sales if you can’t get to a property due to the elements (such as a cottage) or if interested buyers can’t see all the amazing selling features that are visible during the warmer months.

On a logistics level, sometimes your open houses can be disrupted by bad weather, too!

Fear the snow no longer. These winter real estate tips will allow you to warm up open houses even in the coldest of weather.

  1. Embrace winter features

Snow is part of the deal and sometimes there are certain aspects of a home that would-be buyers won’t know about or experience until the weather is colder. They’ll want to know how the roof handles snow, if the road is maintained during the off-season, if the basement floods, and so on.

This is also the opportunity to show off cold-weather features, like a great fireplace, natural gas heating, an outdoor hot tub, and more!

Alternatively, it could be a great time to show off those low-maintenance winter properties, like condos, that don’t require the buyer to do much outdoor upkeep.

Instead of seeing winter as limiting, look for the things that might actually appeal more to buyers in cold weather than warm.

  1. Use visuals

Summer may be gone, but even if snow is covering the curbside appeal, you can still remind viewers of what it looks like in warm weather through visuals.

Beyond images and information the seller has provided, you can use your property tools to build out a visual report for interested buyers to show what the home looks like with no snow on the ground.

You could:

  • Leverage outdoor measurements and deck compositions to create drawings.
  • Access an online property survey.
  • Use aerial imagery available from the GeoWarehouse Store.
  • Find images in your GeoWarehouse Property Details Report.
  1. Digital open house

When bad weather reigns, you might have issues with open house attendance. If this is the case, you don’t have to delay until spring. Instead, consider hosting a digital open house.

Using your property report, images, and technology, you can take interested buyers on a virtual tour through the computer. For those who are interested in learning more, you can arrange in-person showings.

  1. Arrange deals through the office with property tools

The winter can put a damper on seasonal property sales, such as inaccessible cottage listings. But there can be a workaround here, too. Using your Property Details Report, images, and other tools, you can show properties to interested buyers from your office or through video conference if they live far away in the same method you might use for a digital open house.

Research shows that people are more motivated to buy during the winter. Take advantage of the selling power using your GeoWarehouse property tools.

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