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Hood Q Reports

What is the HoodQ Real Estate Report?

By April 6, 2020No Comments

The GeoWarehouse Store is complete with a full variety of reports real estate and land professionals need to conduct their business, including HoodQ’s Real Estate Reports. If you haven’t heard of HoodQ, here is why this is such a valuable integration for real estate professionals: 

HoodQ is the largest provider of curated address and neighbourhood reports in Canada, with accurate and up-to-date data available. This enables Canadian real estate professionals to greatly enhance their homebuyers’ experiences by instantly offering customized, hyper-local, address-specific reports for more than 10 million addresses in Canada. 

Reports include: 

  • Address Reports: web-based reports designed to give homebuyers an attractive and easy-to-digest topline view of a particular address, including designated public catchment schools. 
  • Detailed Reports: deep dive into the details of a particular address, including nearby schools, parks & rec, transit, safety, and convenience. This 8-to-10 page report gives all of these details with a full-coloured map. 
  • School Reports: highlight designated public catchment schools, Catholic catchment schools, private schools, and special/alternative schools in one report. 

These reports offer huge value to homeowners paying special consideration to nearby schools, parks, transit stops, neighbourhood safety, and proximity to convenient locations, like supermarkets. 

No other company has assembled a curated, detailed hyper-local database of comprehensive information for as many cities to produce a single, address-specific, rich, and instantly beneficial document. HoodQ has mined, aggregated, and geocoded data from more than 2,500 sources and then painstakingly validated and expanded upon it. 

Accurate, Timely Data 

Teranet is committed to data accuracy, which is why the HoodQ integration is such a good fit. HoodQ’s data is pulled together from more than 2,500 data sources and then hand-curated by their research team for quality, comprehensiveness, and readability. 

HoodQ reports offer real estate professionals a seamless, low-cost way to provide their clients with insightful hyper-local information reports – instantly. 

Real estate professionals know neighbourhood information like the back of their hand, but how they present the information at an address-specific level to their clients can be challenging when their schedule is time-pressed. HoodQ reports give homebuyers the information they need in a concise, easy-to-read layout. 

À la Carte HoodQ Reports 

Normally, to access HoodQ reports users must sign up for a HoodQ subscription. However, in partnership with HoodQ, these reports are available for purchase through the GeoWarehouse e-store.  

This report complements other GeoWarehouse features, such as the Demographics Report, Comparable Sales Report, and Property Details Report. 

People don’t just buy a home — they buy a neighbourhood, a community, a lifestyle. And this report integration helps real estate professionals communicate that vision. By leveraging this report in your business, you are able to provide your clients the most accurate and detailed information they need when purchasing a home and position you as a neighbourhood expert. To learn how you can leverage this report in your business, click HERE 

Visit the GeoWarehouse Store to invest yours today.  

Have questions about the HoodQ report integration? Call 1-866-237-5937 or visit, or email