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How to Attract More Prospective Home Sellers

By May 25, 2020July 3rd, 2024No Comments

While a certain degree of real estate marketing involves sourcing prospects out by contacting them, wouldn’t it be great if more clients contacted you instead?

Good news — you can attract more prospective clients easily (and while adhering to social distancing) through the use of real estate technology.

Whether you specialize in selling listings, buying listings, or a mix of both, your tools can help drive leads to you without having to source them out.

These real estate marketing tips will help generate more real estate leads that contact you first. Here are the tools you need to use:

  1. Research Demographics for Better Targeting

You can make the most of your real estate marketing when it is highly targeted.

For instance, if you are seeking to attract retirees looking to downsize, you could improve your acquisition rate by marketing in areas with long-term family homes or with older populations.

If you are seeking to attract new families looking to upsize, you might consider demographics by marital status, property types, or average household income.

You can also find insights into your targeted real estate markets through reports such as the Teranet Market Insight Report or Teranet-National Bank House Price Index.

  1. Make Use of Your Digital Marketing

While traditional marketing still has its uses, digital marketing is offering many more opportunities for targeted advertising — without using a lot of resources.

For instance, on Facebook, you can target your ads by location, interest, and more, which could put your material in front of your prospects for a low cost. You can also create “lookalike” audiences that mirror your current targets to expand your reach even more.

Beyond paid social media advertising, you can also use organic, low-cost methods, such as posting to social media regularly, maintaining a search-engine-optimized blog, hosting virtual open houses, and more.

The options for digital marketing are only growing. Taking advantage of them can bring in more prospects at less cost to you.

  1. Home Value Range

What’s one big reason many people sell their homes? Property value. If the value of their home has gone up since purchase, it might make sense for a homeowner to sell.

Now property owners can find out their estimated home value online easily through the Teranet Home Value Range tool. The Home Value Range uses the Teranet Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to produce current market estimates for residential properties across Canada.

Through this tool, potential home sellers can gain insight into the current market value of their home and prospective homebuyers can gain key insights into properties of interest and neighbourhood values.

Once they have sourced a home value estimation, they can contact a real estate sales professional — you — for more information.

This tool can bring prospects to your door without spending a dime on marketing. Learn more here:

By making the most of your real estate tools and marketing efforts, you can find more prospects at a much lower cost — and in less time.

Learn more about lead generation solutions from GeoWarehouse, including Home Value Range, today. Contact 1-866-237-5937 or visit