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One Very Powerful Real Estate Report

By March 9, 2020No Comments

Many different types of professionals use GeoWarehouse for many different reasons.

Appraisers, developers, investors, real estate agents, and the like rely on GeoWarehouse for in-depth property data that helps source land, reveal crucial ownership information, spot red flags, and more.

Even those in non-real-estate industries — such as law enforcement, recovery professionals, and tax consultants — rely on the power of GeoWarehouse.

Yet even though these professions are all different and they make use of GeoWarehouse for many different reasons, the features they rely upon are the same.

One very powerful report — the GeoWarehouse report — offers insights for each of these professionals and more!

Read on to see how different professions use the same GeoWarehouse features in different ways.

Real Estate Appraiser

Our GeoWarehouse solution allows real estate appraisers to streamline comparable searches. You can easily find comparable properties by radius, sales timeframe, and price range. You can also enhance your data and workflow management with multi-property search functionality. This saves you time and resources by batching your searches together.

Resources of Particular Interest for Appraisers:

  • Property Details Report for an automated valuation model (AVM), sales history, property images, and more (good to use as a starting point for your appraisal).
  • Comparable Sales Report.
  • Parcel Register* to flag due diligence issues that could affect the property value.

Real Estate Developers, Architects, and Engineers

When you’re looking to invest in or develop a property, the land you choose is essential. Sometimes you want to find the “diamond in the rough” or spot a great location before it even goes on the market. You also want to make sure the property you’re investing in is a safe bet — you don’t want the deal to fall through at the last minute due to undisclosed red flags.

That’s where GeoWarehouse features come in. With our solutions, you can easily gain critical insights into property ownership, address confirmation, and legal descriptions (important when acquiring sites). You can also access registered plans and aerial imagery through the GeoWarehouse Store. Finally, you can even search for potential properties online to find prospects who haven’t listed yet — but could be persuaded to do so.

Resources of Particular Interest for Developers, Architects, and Engineers:

  • Surveys and Plans (available in the GeoWarehouse Store).
  • Property Details Report (particularly for property images).
  • Parcel Register* to verify homeownership and check for encumbrances.

Real Estate Sales Professionals

Real estate agents and other sales professionals benefit greatly from GeoWarehouse features, both when representing home buyers and home sellers. Verify ownership records for due diligence, search for properties, use client-facing reports in your marketing, and much more.

You can also search comparable sales, find neighbourhood demographics to uncover new markets, and much more.

If you are a real estate sales professional, you already have access to GeoWarehouse through your real estate board. Please contact your real estate board for instructions to access GeoWarehouse.

Resources of Particular Interest for Real Estate Sales Professionals:

  • Comparable Sales Report.
  • Demographics Report.
  • Parcel Register* (available in the GeoWarehouse Store).
  • Client Report.

Law Enforcement and Private Investigators

Accelerate investigations and find vital property information. Law enforcement professionals and private investigators can quickly uncover:

  • Who owns a property — including past property owners.
  • The most recent sales history of a property.
  • Aerial imagery – this can be used to view the property from the outside, as well as the surrounding area, without visiting the premises in person.
  • Property instruments, such as details about registered encumbrances and mortgages.

Before you had to go to a Land Registry Office to retrieve this data, but now it is all available online, saving you time and resources.

Resources of Particular Interest for Law Enforcement and Private Investigators:

  • Aerial and Streetscape Imagery.
  • Property Details Report.
  • Parcel Register* and Instrument Images* (available in the GeoWarehouse e-Store).

Tax Consultants

Tax consultants can use GeoWarehouse as well to enhance the level of service they offer their clients. View transfers, mortgages, liens, and more by purchasing images in the GeoWarehouse e-Store. You can also access the most recent sales history, verify homeownership information, and even view images of the property.

This enables you to offer more for your clients while exercising due diligence!

Resources of Particular Interest for Tax Consultants:

  • Property Details Report.
  • Aerial and Streetscape Imagery.
  • Parcel Register* and Instrument Images* (available in the GeoWarehouse e-Store).

As you can see, the features available in your GeoWarehouse Report are versatile and help many different professionals in many different ways. Reach out to our team to discover whether our solutions could help your business.

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* An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.